Hip Injury Compensation

Hip Injury Compensation Calculator: Claim For All Manner Of Pelvis Damage – Fracture, Hip Replacement Surgery

There are many different types of accident that can give rise to a claim for hip injury compensation. We look at compensation for all manner of pelvic injury and provide specific answers to accident victim questions – starting with a total hip replacement caused in a slip accident.

The nature of the compensation your solicitor will attempt to recover primarily falls in to two distinct parts. Calculation for one part is based on evidence combined with a little bit of maths – the other part is based on caselaw and judicial guidance.

In this article we set out – what the hip / pelvis bone is; the most common types of hip injury claim you can have; we provide examples of average compensation payout amounts from simple fractures to hip replacement surgery and permanent instability.

We start this article with a quick reference compensation payout table for pain and suffering experienced as a result of hip injury.

We conclude with answers we have provided to real life questions from site visitors who have experienced hip and pelvic injuries.

Remember – you can access our free legal help and assistance at any time.

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Payouts Table For Hip Injury Compensation In 2023

Our quick reference table sets out compensation payouts for pain and suffering for various different types of hip injury.

Read on – for more details of each type of pelvic injury as well as how to claim additional compensation for financial loss and expense that is unique to your individual circumstances.

Hip / Pelvic InjuryClaim Payouts
MinorUp to £4,000
Broken Hip£4,000 – £12,600
Hip Replacement Surgery
(minor ongoing effects only)
£12,600 – £39,000
Revisional Hip Replacement
£39,000 – £78,500
Severe£78,500 – £151,000

What is a hip injury compensation claim?

Your hips is the name given to the bony structure known as the pelvis or pelvic girdle. This bone allows your legs to join the bony structure of your upper body – allowing your legs to move freely via a ball and socket joint.

Your hips are a very important bone structure and injury can lead to significant pain and disability.

If your hips are injured in an accident, a criminal act of violence or through some form of medical negligence you will likely be able to make a hip injury compensation claim for the pain and suffering you experience and financial expenses you incur.

What are the most common types of pelvic injury claims?

Your hip can be broken, fractured or injured in many types of accident, but some of the most common include:

Car accident claims

If you are involved in high speed car accident or your RTA collision occurs with a large vehicle (such as a truck) or an immovable object such as a crash barrier – very significant injuries can occur including broken hip injuries.

Motor bike accidents

Due to the relatively unprotected nature of a motorcyclist – a collision involving a motorcycle can cause many different significant injuries – which can include head injuries, broken limbs and shattered hips.

The vehicle driver who caused the accident will be responsible for paying your hip injury compensation claim.

Work accident claims

Many work accidents involve large falling objects or large machinery in which an innocent worker receives broken limbs and damaged hips.

A hip injury compensation claim can be made against your employer should you suffer an injury which is considered as a matter of law to be at the fault of your employer.

Slip and trip accidents

The older you are the more prone to serious injury from a slip or trip. Regretfully broken, fractured and shattered hips are all too common in this type of accident.

Depending on the circumstances of your trip slip or fall accident it is quite likely the council or highway authority will be responsible to meet your claim for hip injury compensation.

Hip Injury Compensation Claim
Hip Injury Compensation Claim

How does your solicitor know how much compensation to claim for your injury?

There are two main types of hip injury compensation you can claim following a UK accident:

Pain and suffering caused by your pelvic injury

Your solicitor will obtain a consultant medical report describing the injuries you have suffered and very importantly what the future holds for ongoing treatment, symptoms, rehabilitation and disability.

Your solicitor will thereafter find case law for accidents with similar injuries and refer to the compensation settlements made by the courts. With some adjustments for inflation your solicitor will know how much to claim for your particular hip injury.

Financial losses and expenses you experience as a result of pelvic injury

You are entitled to claim for financial losses and expenses in your compensation settlement, including: lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to your hospital and GP, nursing care (even performed by family and friends), rehabilitation devices and many other expenses.

You should keep a note of all the expenses you incur with receipts and your lawyer will use these to produce a schedule of all these losses. If these losses are likely to include future income and rehabilitation expenses – your solicitor will likely obtain an accountant report setting out your projected losses into the future.

How much is the average compensation you can claim for pain and suffering?

In 2023 you can expect to claim the following approximate average payout sums in hip injury compensation:

Minor hip injury average payouts

Soft tissue hip injury (does not involve a fracture or broken bone) from which you have recovered completely with no ongoing symptoms. You can claim average payout sums of up to £4,000

Broken hip with no ongoing symptoms settlements

Broken or fractured hip – but you have had a full recovery within two years and there are no ongoing symptoms. You can expect a pelvic compensation settlement of between £4,000 – £12,600

Serious pelvic injury requiring hip replacement surgery

If your hip injury was serious and required a hip replacement with a minor ongoing disability – you could expect a compensation payout of between £12,600 – £39,000

Fractures requiring an osteotomy and hip replacement revisional surgery

Certain types of hip fracture involving the acetabulum (a curved part of the pelvis meeting the head of the femur to from the hip socket) can require corrective surgery (osteotomy). This surgery involves cutting and reshaping the pelvis or femur or both – to realign them and allow hip joint to operate correctly.

Alternatively – fractures may require hip replacement surgery that are only partially successful and will require revisional surgery in the future. Revisional surgery will typically include teh removal of implants, corrective work and the reinsertion of new implants.

For these more severe types of hip injury – you can expect to claim compensation payouts between £39,000 – £78,500.

Severe hip injury payouts

The most serious types of pelvic injury can involve multiple fractures which can lead to significant disability, the need for an operation to fuse your spine to your hip (spinal fusion); a ruptured bladder; constant severe pain.

These types of claim will attract the largest settlement amounts of hip injury compensation ranging between £78,500 – £131,000


In this article we have set our the amounts and types of compensation you can claim for hip injuries in the UK.

We offer a number of free legal help and assistance options. We provide online and telephone help. You can ask a question, speak direct to a personal injury solicitor to discuss your accident circumstances or have your hip injury compensation claim assessed.

Q&A And FAQ – Hip injury calculation questions

In this Q&A and FAQ section – we look at real life questions we have received from hip injury victims. We provide our response and examples of compensation payout calculations for their specific injury.

QUESTION 1 – How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Total Hip Replacement?

We describe the amounts of compensation you can claim for a total hip replacement. Examples range, from the least complicated hip replacement with no further symptoms to the most severe with a permanent disability and risk of revisional surgery.

In this specific example we look at a supermarket petrol station slip accident and the likelihood of success in making a claim.

ACCIDENT DESCRIPTION – Hip Replacement Due To Supermarket Slip

I went out shopping with my husband at a local supermarket. We paid at the counter and were approaching the exit when my feet went from under me and I landed heavily full on my left hip.

The floor was tiled and was wet. There were no wet floor warning signs about the danger. My husband assisted me, called a member of staff from the store – who in turn called an ambulance.

Whilst we were waiting for an ambulance – wet floor signs were put out by supermarket workers. An entry was made in the petrol station’s accident book.

We were told a customer had spilt some yoghurt on the floor earlier and the area had been mopped by staff, but signs had not been put out.

My hip was in great pain. When I got to hospital – I was told that my hip was fractured in several places and a total hip replacement was necessary.

I was in hospital for several weeks and I have been unable to work since the accident.

Do I have a claim compensation from the supermarket and if so how much compensation can I claim for a total hip replacement?

hip replacement injury claim
Hip Replacement Injury Claim

ANSWER – Personal Injury Solicitor Response

It seems clear from your description of the accident events that you would have a strong claim against the supermarket.

Wet floor caused by supermarket worker

The danger of a slippery wet tiled floor was caused by a supermarket worker.

Wet floor cones not used

The worker failed to follow the correct procedure of putting out wet floor signs to warn customers to avoid the wet area.

Employer responsibility

An employer is responsible for the negligent acts of its workers through a legal doctrine known as vicarious liability. Your claim would therefore be made against the supermarket (and the supermarket’s insurers).

Compensation amounts for a total hip replacement

Personal injury compensation claims are divided into two parts:

Types of compensation
  1. Compensation for pain and suffering for the actual injury itself (fractured hip leading to a total hip replacement); and
  2. Compensation for financial losses and expenses incurred as a direct result of your accident (including lost income, medical expenses, care and assistance in the home, travel expenses, etc.).
Total hip replacement payouts table

Examples of average compensation payouts for pain and suffering are set out in our compensation table. Please note that this question was put in 2019, so payouts relate to this date. For up to date figures – see our summary table at the top of this article.

Total Hip ReplacementDescriptionPayout Amounts
Successful surgeryA successful hip replacement with no ongoing problems£11,000 – £23,500
Small disability remainingHip replacement leaving small but permanent disability£23,500 – £34-500
Revisional surgery necessaryHip replacement requiring revisional hip replacement surgery£34,500 – £46,000

How to claim compensation for a total hip replacement injury claim

Before you make a decision as to how best to proceed with a hip replacement injury claim you should speak to a specialist solicitor.

We are happy to speak directly with your by phone or respond online to your questions free of charge. View our online / telephone specialist solicitor free options.