Hip Injury Compensation

Hip Injury Compensation: UK Solicitor calculates the amount of accident compensation you can claim for injuries to your hip or pelvis

Hip injury compensation solicitor sets out what the hip or pelvic bone is; the most common types of hip injury claim you can have – with examples of average compensation payout amounts from simple fractures to hip replacement surgery and permanent instability.

What is a hip injury compensation claim?

Your hips is the name given to the bony structure known as the pelvis or pelvic girdle. This bone allows your legs to join the bony structure of your upper body – allowing your legs to move freely via a ball and socket joint.

Your hips are a very important bone structure and injury can lead to significant pain and disability.

If your hips are injured in an accident, a criminal act of violence or through some form of medical negligence you will likely be able to make a hip injury compensation claim for the pain and suffering you experience and financial expenses you incur.

What are the most common types of pelvic injury claims?

Your hip can be broken, fractured or injured in many types of accident, but some of the most common include:

Hip Injury Compensation Claim

Hip Injury Compensation Claim

1. Car accident claims

If you are involved in high speed car accident or your RTA collision occurs with a large vehicle (such as a truck) or an immovable object such as a crash barrier – very significant injuries can occur including broken hip injuries.

2. Motor bike accidents

Due to the relatively unprotected nature of a motorcyclist – a collision involving a motorcycle can cause many different significant injuries – which can include head injuries, broken limbs and shattered hips.

The vehicle driver who caused the accident will be responsible for paying your hip injury compensation claim.

3. Work accident claims

I have encountered many work accidents involving large falling objects or large machinery in which an innocent worker receives broken limbs and damaged hips.

A hip injury compensation claim can be made against your employer should you suffer an injury which is considered as a matter of law to be at the fault of your employer.

4. Slip and trip accidents

The older you are the more prone to serious injury from a slip or trip. Regretfully broken, fractured and shattered hips are all too common in this type of accident.

Depending on the circumstances of your trip slip or fall accident it is quite likely the council or highway authority will be responsible to meet your claim for hip injury compensation.

How does your solicitor know how much hip injury compensation to claim?

There are two main types of hip injury compensation you can claim following a UK accident:

1. Pain and Suffering

Your solicitor will obtain a consultant medical report describing the injuries you have suffered and very importantly what the future holds for ongoing treatment, symptoms, rehabilitation and disability.

Your solicitor will thereafter find case law for accidents with similar injuries and refer to the compensation settlements made by the courts. With some adjustments for inflation your solicitor will know how much to claim for your particular hip injury.

2. Financial losses

You are entitled to claim for financial losses and expenses in your compensation settlement, including: lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to your hospital and GP, nursing care (even performed by family and friends), rehabilitation devices and many other expenses.

You should keep a note of all the expenses you incur with receipts and your lawyer will use these to produce a schedule of all these losses. If these losses are likely to include future income and rehabilitation expenses – your solicitor will likely obtain an accountant report setting out your projected losses into the future.

Examples of how much hip injury compensation for pain and suffering

In 2019 you can expect to claim the following approximate average payout sums in hip injury compensation:

1. Minor hip injury average payouts

If you have suffered a hip injury which did not involve a fracture or broken bone and from which you have recovered with no ongoing symptoms you can claim average payout sums of: Up to £3,500

2. Broken hip with no ongoing symptoms settlements

If you broke or fractured your hip – but you have had a full recovery and there are no ongoing symptoms – you can expect a pelvic compensation settlement of between: £3,500 – £11,000

3. Serious pelvic injury requiring hip replacement surgery

If your hip injury was serious and required a hip replacement with a minor ongoing disability you could expect a compensation payout of: £11,000 – £34,000

4. Serious hip injury payouts

The most serious types of pelvic injury can involve multiple fractures which can lead to significant disability, instability on your legs, the need for a spinal operation to fuse it to your hip, a ruptured bladder, constant severe pain. It might include a hip replacement operation, which partially unsuccessful.

These types of claim will attract the largest settlement amounts of hip injury compensation: £34,000 – £115,000

Summary Of Hip Injury Compensation Amounts

On this page you have learned the amounts and types of compensation you can claim for hip injuries in the UK.

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