Accident Solicitor

Accident Solicitor: How to get a personal injury lawyer to provide free legal help even if you are making your own compensation claim

Discover why you might decide to make a compensation claim on your own behalf; the importance of speaking with a specialist accident solicitor to calculate how much compensation you can claim and the ways to obtain help from a personal injury specialist solicitor free of charge.

Why would you consider making your own UK compensation claim without the use of an accident solicitor?

Let me start by saying that personal injury compensation claims can be quite complex and the use of an accident solicitor is always recommended.

accident solicitor

Accident Solicitor

Unfortunately, if your personal injuries are worth less than £1,000 or your overall claim is worth less than £10,000 – in UK law even if you win your claim for compensation you are not entitled to have your legal fees paid in making your claim.

For this reason you may decide that it is more cost-effective to make a claim on your own behalf without the help of an accident solicitor.

How do you know how much your claim is worth?

Regretfully, without the use of a UK personal injury solicitor you are very unlikely to be able to calculate exactly how much your claim is worth.

Property damage is easy to assess, but physical injury is not so straight forward.

Take the example of a car accident. Imagine you are a passenger in a car waiting at a set of lights when you are the hit from behind by another vehicle. After a couple of hours you notice a pain in your neck which persists for a couple of days and then starts to subside.

Clearly the accident was caused by the other driver of the vehicle, but how much is your injury worth?

The neck pain is likely to be whiplash and two days whiplash is not worth over a £1,000. However, your whiplash may have in actual fact lasted longer than just two days. It is quite common that after the early continuous symptoms subside – very bad twinges and intermittent pain may continue for some time after your accident.

If the intermittent pain lasts for say 6 months – you have actually suffered a 6 months whiplash injury with continuous pain for a short period and intermittent pain thereafter.

A whiplash of this duration should be worth over £1,000. Had you made the claim on your own behalf you would likely have only received a few hundred pounds at best – an insurance company would have looked at your GP notes and made an offer based on two days of symptoms. By speaking with an accident lawyer you would have realised the extra value to your claim and been advised of the importance of having a medical report prepared describing your injury properly.

I recommend before you decide to make a compensation claim on your own behalf you speak with an accident solicitor – it may be that your claim is worth more than you thought and you are able to use a solicitor after all at no cost to yourself.

How can you speak with a specialist accident solicitor to decide the amount of compensation you can claim without incurring any legal expense?

Most accident solicitors provide a free initial consultation which could help you establish how much your claim is worth and so decide whether it is cost-effective for you to use an accident solicitor to make your claim.

If you are advised that your injuries are worth over £1,000 you can be confident that you can use a solicitor to make your claim and have the majority of your legal costs paid in addition to your compensation

If your claim is not worth over £1,000 – you may decide it is best to act on your own behalf as your legal fees will probably cost more than the compensation you will receive.

I appreciate how intimidating it can be to contact a solicitor in person to discuss your accident and with this in mind I provide a free online legal help facility.

Click accident compensation solicitor to ask me a question or have me assess your potential claim. This service is provided at no cost to yourself.

You have learned why it is important to use an accident solicitor to make your compensation claim, the occasions when it may not be cost-effective to do so, the importance of speaking to an accident lawyer to calculate how much your injuries are worth and how to obtain legal help with no cost to yourself.

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