Damages Compensation Claims

Damages Compensation Claims: UK solicitor sets out the types of expenses and losses you can claim in compensation following an accidental injury

Damages compensation claims UK: You are entitled to claim compensation for pain and suffering following an accident in the UK – but in addition you can make damages compensation claims for financial losses and expenses caused as a direct result of your injuries, which are set out on this page.

What are damages in UK compensation claims?

“Damages” is the legal word used in the UK to describe the types of loss and expense you can claim following an accident. This area of law is technically known as “torts”.

Losses form two broad categories of damages compensation claims known as:

damages compensation claims

Damages Compensation Claims

1. General damages

General damages describe a loss known as pain and suffering for a specific injury type. The amount of money you can receive is defined by previous decisions made in the UK courts for similar injuries. The figures are adjusted to take into account for inflation.

Click compensation amounts to see an index for each types of injury you can suffer with the amount of damages compensation you can expect to claim.

2. Special damages

These are specific types of expense or loss, which are applicable to you and your accident alone and these losses are described below on this page.

What are the types of damages you can claim compensation for in the UK?

Please find below a list of the types of damages compensation claims you can have in the UK:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic Accident Compensation

Find out the types of damages compensation you can claim following a UK traffic accident.

Car Accident Compensation

Find out the types of damages compensation claims you can make following a car accident.

Motor Bike Accident

On this page you will see examples of damage compensation claims following motorcycle accidents in the UK.

Medical Negligence Claims

Medical Negligence Compensation

Find out the types and amounts of loss you can claim for clinical negligence in the UK.

Work Accidents

Accident At Work Compensation

The types of damage compensation claims for injuries following an accident at work.

Individual Heads Of Loss

PTSD Therapy Compensation

Discover how post traumatic stress disorder can be treated using cognitive behavioural therapy or eye movement desensitisation reprocessing and how to claim the cost of this treatment as part of your accident claim.

Rehabilitation Of Spinal And Head Injuries

The costs in rehabilitation for serious injuries, such as those to the spine and the head can be quite extensive – find out what losses can form part of damages for rehabilitation.

Free online legal help with damages compensation claims

On this page I have set out some of the most common types of damages compensation claims you can make in the UK and the types of loss and expense you can claim for each.

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