Fatal Accident

Fatal Accident: UK lawyer explains all the steps to claiming compensation following a death in the UK as a result of an accident or criminal act

Fatal Accident: If someone was responsible for the death of another either directly (in a criminal act) or by accident (such as in an accident at work or a medical negligence accident) you are likely to have a claim for compensation.

On this page you will find links to all the articles I have written explaining the steps to claiming UK fatal accident compensation – staring with the coroner’s inquest, to whom is entitled to claim compensation, the amounts you can claim and ending with how to find an experienced solicitor and fund your solicitor’s legal costs using insurance policies and no win no fee agreements.

Why should you consider claiming fatal accident compensation?

fatal accident

Fatal Accident

When a family member or loved one has died as a result of an accident or criminal act the last thing you might wish to consider is the trauma of the process of claiming compensation from the person at fault for the death.

Nonetheless, if the deceased was an income earner providing for his family, a mother caring for her children or even a grown up child supporting his parents – there are certain financial consequences which might cause you hardship unless compensation is received.

In addition – funeral expenses can be large and the loss of the loved one will cause significant bereavement pain and sorrow to family members.

UK law has evolved to protect family members and immediate dependents from financial hardship in the event of death. It is perhaps reassuring to know that should a sudden trauma occur leading to death your loved ones will be helped by the law in your absence.

Steps to take following a fatal accident and claim UK compensation

I have listed the articles I have written concerning fatal accident compensation claims in an order which you will find helpful to follow – simply click on the link you find interesting and you will be taken to a detailed page I have written. Each page ends with the page I suggest you read next.

Fatal Accident Coroners Inquest

Find out when a post mortem and coroner’s inquest are necessary, what is involved in an inquest and how the information produced can assist in making a fatal accident claim.

Fatal Accident Claim Types

Discover what a fatal accident claim is together with examples of the most common types of claim in the UK.

Fatal Accident Compensation

Click to see what you can claim and who is entitled to make a fatal accident claim.

How Long To Make A Death Accident Claim

Click to find out the time periods in UK law to claim compensation following a fatal accident.

Fatal Accident Claims Solicitor

This article explains how to find an experienced UK lawyer, check that lawyer’s expertise and the best ways of funding the solicitors costs of claiming compensation for death.

Fatal Accident Compensation Claims FAQ

See the answers to questions asked by clients and online visitors concerning fatal accident claims.

Summary Of Fatal Accident Compensation Claims Process

On this page you have seen all the steps to claim UK compensation following a fatal accident.

I recommend you click fatal accident coroner inquest to see what happens at the inquest of a fatal accident.