motorcycle accident claim

Motorcycle Accident Claim: Evidence you can rely on to show how your motor bike road accident happened

Discover why the information you can rely on to prove your motorcycle accident claim is the same for all types of road accident; why the events of a motor bike accident are often uncertain or disputed; the evidence you can use to prove how your collision occurred so you can succeed with a claim for personal injury compensation and vehicle damage.

Is the information you can rely on the same for all types of UK road traffic accident?

“Yes” – but on this page I shall use the example of a motorcycle accident claim. Motor bike accidents are often disputed due to the uncertainty of exactly how a collision occurred and the more serious injuries that typically follow in this form of vehicle accident..

Why can the events of a motorcycle accident be uncertain or disputed?

motorcycle accident claim

Motorcycle Accident Claim

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident claim is often not as straight forward as a car accident claim.

Your motor bike is not as visible as other larger vehicles, so your presence on the road may have been missed until it was too late or until after the collision had occurred.

You may well have suffered severe injuries including some form of head injury, which will understandably make your recollection of the accident events a little hazy.

This can often lead to a difference between your description of the accident and that of the other driver involved. It is even possible neither of you can describe exactly what happened or the other driver may be deliberately hiding the truth of how the motor bike accident happened to avoid a claim against him.

Before you can determine who is responsible for your motorcycle accident claim you need to know ways to show how your RTA happened.

What are the ways you can show how your motor bike accident happened so you can make a compensation claim?

There are a number of useful ways that you can show what happened on the day of your road accident, some examples include:

1. The police report describing your bike accident

If you have suffered a personal injury in a road traffic accident the police should attend at the scene to write a police report containing full details of the events including: photos of the scene, details of vehicle damage and witness statements. The police will give your solicitor a copy of this report for a small fee and it will normally have enough information to show how your accident happened.

2. A criminal conviction as a result of your collision

The police may decide that your RTA was so bad that a driving offence may have occurred. You can rely on a conviction to help show not only how your accident happened, but also that the person convicted was responsible for it.

3. Motorcycle accident scene inspection

You can inspect the accident scene yourself if no police accident report was made or you feel something was missed in the police report. It is often a good idea to put a notice up at the accident scene appealing for witnesses to come forward. The information you gather will assist you in showing how your accident happened.

4. Crash expert report of your UK motorcycle accident

This is really something your motorcycle accident claim lawyer can obtain on your behalf, but it useful that you should know what it is. An expert engineer or crash expert can inspect the scene, consider the witness evidence, police report and inspect the vehicle damage and based upon this information give his opinion on how the accident happen. This opinion can be used to support your motorcycle accident claim – both how the it happened and who was responsible for it.

5. CCTV evidence of your motor bike accident

If there was a CCTV camera close to the crash scene – act quickly to get copy of the footage from the council before it is destroyed. If your crash was recorded this will provide all the information you need.

6. Other evidence that can be used to support your motorcycle accident claim

This could include many things depending on the other vehicle concerned. For example, if a lorry is involved it should have a tachograph fitted recording the lorry’s speed throughout the day including at the time of your collision.

Summary of motorcycle accident claims page

You now know why the events leading up to your motorcycle accident claim can be uncertain or disputed and what to rely on in the United Kingdom to show exactly how your RTA happened, so you can make a compensation claim.

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