Whiplash Injury Claims: Can CCTV evidence be used in a road traffic accident claim?

Whiplash injury claims: I was involved in a road traffic accident in which I was knocked unconscious. I am very uncertain as to what happened, but I am pretty sure the accident was not my fault.

The other driver is attempting to deny responsibility for my accident, but I know where the accident occurred there was a CCTV camera positioned.

Whiplash injury claims

Whiplash Injury Claims

Whiplash Injury Claims Solicitor Response

“Yes” – CCTV evidence can be used in whiplash injury claims.
CCTV evidence is just one type of evidence that can be used to prove who is responsible for a UK road traffic accident. The main types of evidence you can rely on to show how your accident happened include:

1. Police accident reports are essential in whiplash injury claims

If a personal injury is suffered in a road traffic accident – the police should attend at the scene to prepare a report as to how the accident happened. Witness evidence will be taken from the drivers involved and any other passers-by, photographs taken of the damaged vehicles and notes made of any skid marks.

The police report will normally be enough evidence to establish what happened in your road traffic accident and will always be used if there is a dispute as to who was responsible for whiplash injury claims.

2.Use of CCTV evidence in whiplash injury claims

I would recommend that you use a RTA solicitor if you believe CCTV evidence is necessary to prove your whiplash injury claim.

When you have spoken to a specialist solicitor you may find it is not necessary to incur the expense of obtaining CCTV the evidence. Your solicitor can quickly obtain a police report and it might be clear on that report who was responsible for your road accident.

If a police report was not prepared or it is not clear from the report who was at fault for your accident then it is very important that your solicitor acts quickly to ensure that any CCTV evidence is preserved by the Council.

Your solicitor, on paying a small fee, will be able to view the CCTV evidence in your presence to decide legal responsibility for your whiplash injury.

Remember – unless the council is informed quickly that CCTV evidence is required it could dispose of its records sometimes as quickly as within three months.

3. Other evidence that can be relied on to show how your road traffic accident happen

Click motorcycle accident claim to discover all the types of evidence in addition to CCTV evidence that can be relied on in road traffic accident claims to show exactly what happened and so who was at fault. The page gives the example of a motorcycle accident claim, but the evidence is the same no matter what type of RTA occurs.

4. Choosing the best UK specialist accident solicitor to make your whiplash injury claim

My website provides you with assistance in two ways to help you choose a United Kingdom specialist RTA solicitor:

i. Click personal injury lawyer to find out all you need to know to choose the best RTA solicitor, including how to enquire as to expertise with the Law Society.

ii. Click whiplash injury claims to ask an online question or have me contact you free of charge to discuss your whiplash injury claims