Accidents At Work

Accidents At Work: How to find free legal information accident claim websites and receive specialist workplace compensation solicitor free online help

Accidents at work: On this page you will find links to legal sites setting out the law which governs workplace accident compensation claims. Choose from a selection of free online legal help facilities provided by a specialist accident compensation claims uk lawyer.

The prevention of workplace accidents is regarded by the UK government as being an important policy mission. As a result several official bodies have been created to protect workers primarily by making and enforcing health and safety law.

accidents at work

Accidents At Work

Use the links below to find websites with free legal information and help lines should you find yourself a victim of an accident at work.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

The Construction Regulations are designed to prevent accidents at work on UK construction sites, by imposing on employers health and safety requirements.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (Northern Ireland)

The Construction Regulations have a specific enactment for Northern Ireland.

European Agency For Safety And Health At Work

The European Agency For Safety And Health At Work is the European body set up to liaise between member states to make the workplace for all countries in Europe safer. The European Agency does this by sharing knowledge and information from EU countries with a view to limiting accidents at work by risk prevention.

Health And Safety Commission – HSC – Accidents At Work Law

The HSC is responsible for making of the laws in Great Britain to protect workers and the public from dangers inherent in work related activities. The laws relate to all forms of workplace from nuclear power plants to hospitals and schools.

Health And Safety Executive – HSE – Securing Against Accidents At Work

The HSE, together with local government, is responsible for enforcing Health and Safety Law in Great Britain with a view to protecting employees in the workplace and members of the public at large. This site explains how the Health and Safety Executive can help you and using the “Contact HSE” tab at the top of the home page you can receive free telephone advice or report a dangerous incident at work.

Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 1992

This link is a guide by the Health and Safety Executive to the basic requirement an employer should comply with to ensure the safety of employees and members of the public using business premises – they do not include construction sites, mines and ships which are subject to specific laws.

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