Animal Accident Claims

Animal Accident Claims: UK Solicitor explains how to claim accident compensation for injuries caused by animals

Animal accident claims: on this page you will find out how to claim compensation when you suffer injury from ant type of animal in the UK – including dogs, horses, farm animals and birds. You will also find links to FAQ’s asked by site visitors and clients alike relating to animal accidents.

Types of animal are listed alphabetically with links to a page explaining how to claim followed by relevant site visitor FAQ’s.

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Animal accident claims categories

animal accident claims

Animal Accident Claims

Dog attack compensation claims

Claim Compensation For A Dog Attack

Click this link to find out which breeds of dog are considered dangerous, when you can claim compensation from a dog owner if you suffer personal injury and how criminal injuries can be claimed if an animal is used as a weapon.

Animal accident claims FAQ’s

Simply click on the question you would like to see the answer to and your will be taken to a page where I have supplied a detailed answer.

Work Accident Claim UK: Dog Attack

Find out how to claim compensation if you are an employee attacked by a dog at work.

Dog Bite Compensation

Discover the amounts of compensation you can receive for bodily injury caused from dog bites.

Summary of animal accident claims page

On this page you have found details of how to claim compensation following an animal accident in the UK followed by animal accident frequently asked questions.

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