Road Traffic Accident Pedestrian Zebra Crossing Claim

Road Traffic Accident Coma Claim: Pedestrian Hit On A Zebra Crossing

UK road traffic accident solicitor explains how it is possible for a pedestrian to claim compensation for a coma, broken bones, concussion, amnesia and other injuries if hit whilst crossing a road on a zebra crossing.

Zebra crossing accident victim question

I have recently come out of a coma. I have no recollection of the accident I was involved in, but I understand from the police in Manchester and my relatives that I was crossing a zebra crossing when a car sped down the road and hit me causing multiple fractures to my tibia and fibula in my left leg and causing my head to smash on the road .This knocked me unconscious and put me in to a coma.

I understand that the driver of the vehicle has not been traced albeit there were witnesses to the incident.

Can I claim compensation for my broken tibia, fibula, concussion, amnesia and a coma?

Pedestrian RTA solicitor response

It seems clear from the information you have provided that the road accident was caused by the fault of the car driver.

For such a serious RTA there will no doubt be a police report completed at the scene taking all witness evidence and setting out a diagram of where the road traffic accident occurred. The fact that the driver did not stop and is unknown also suggests a degree of culpability for the accident.

It appears that you have suffered some quite severe injuries including a multiple fractures to your tibia and fibula in your left leg, concussion, amnesia and a coma. All of these would need to be properly explored by a medical expert instructed by a specialised road traffic accident solicitor on your behalf.

This report will set out the exact nature of your injuries you have suffered together with any future symptoms you might be susceptible to.

I also suspect given the nature of your injuries that you will have incurred some substantial financial expense, including lost income and medical expense.

The fact the driver of the vehicle was not traced does not prevent you from making a claim .Your claim however would be against the motor insurers bureau / MIB. The MIB will act as though it was the insurer of the vehicle and meet your claim for compensation.

Although the motor insurers bureau will meet the legal costs of your solicitor these costs are limited under the untraced driver’s agreement. If the driver is eventually traced by the police and is found to be uninsured the MIB will still make the payments for your compensation, but the legal expenses in such an instance would not be limited.

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