Broken Collar Bone

Broken Collar Bone Payout Calculator: Clavicle Fracture Compensation Claims

Discover why a broken collar bone is a type of fractured clavicle, how to claim your financial losses as a result of your injury with examples of how much compensation a solicitor can claim for your pain and suffering for your collarbone injury.

Payouts Table For Broken Collarbone Claims In 2024

Our table sets out compensation payouts for pain and suffering for a broken or fractured collarbone claims.

Broken / Fractured Collarbone Claim Payout
Displaced fracture
Healed with deformity
£5,200 – £12,300
Displaced fracture
Permanent symptoms
Shoulder, neck & arm issues
£12,300 – £19,000
Additional Losses You Can Claim
Read on – for details of financial loss and expense you can claim in addition to compensation for pain and suffering.

What is a broken collarbone?

The collar bone (collarbone or clavicle) is the bone which joins the shoulder bone (scapula) to the breast bone (sternum). It is one of the most common bones in the human body to be broken in an accident.

You Have Two Clavicles / Collarbones
Technically you have two clavicles – the right clavicle and the left clavicle.

A “broken collar bone” is another name for a type of fracture of the clavicle bone.

Our fracture claims article describes all the different types of fracture you can suffer.

Broken Bone Or Fractured Bone
We often use the term broken bone. A broken bone is simply a type of a fracture.
Therefore, a broken bone is the layman’s term for a type of fracture

When can you claim compensation for a broken collar bone?

You can claim compensation for a broken collar bone if your injury was caused in an accident, as a result of negligence and someone (or some business) is considered as a matter of law to be legally at fault or responsible.

Fractured Collarbone In A Crime Of Violence
You may also be able to claim compensation for a broken collarbone caused in a crime of violence.
A criminal injuries claim is valued in accordance with the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority tariff and is different than the amounts set out in this article.

Legally at fault for your collarbone injury

A common mistake you may make is to presume that no one was at fault for your injury or that there is no one to pursue your claim against.

Use A Solicitor To Assess Legal Liability
With the help of a specialist solicitor there may well be a person or business at fault as a matter of law, the identity of which may not be obvious.

Examples of when the person to claim against is not so obvious

There are types of accident or circumstances when it is not so obvious that someone is at fault for your broken collar bone injury claim, examples include:

Hit and run road accidents

For example – imagine you are a pedestrian and are knocked down by a car. The driver fails to stop and makes off. You do not have the registration number and despite involving the police – no CCTV footage can be claimed.

In these types of claim when the driver is untraced or, if the driver is known is uninsured, the Motor Insurers Bureau will meet your claim for compensation for your injuries.

Trip and fall on a pavement or road

For example – imagine you trip and fall due to an upraised flag stone on the pavement or due some other defect on the pavement or road.

The council could be held legally responsible for not maintaining the public highway correctly

Defective products

for example – imagine you purchase a product, such as a bicycle, and the frame of the bicycle fails causing you to fall and fracture your collarbone or in some other way injure yourself.

The manufacturer of the product could be legally at fault and responsible to pay you compensation for supplying a defective product.

Clinical negligence

For example – imagine you have an operation at hospital and something goes wrong leaving you with an injury. It is possible that the NHS trust will be legally liable for medical negligence.

Criminal assault

For example – imagine your receive broken collar bone from an assault on the street.

You would likely be able to make a claim for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for your injury.

Be aware – the amounts of compensation for a broken collar bone, or other injury, is calculated on a different basis than as set out in this article as the CICA operates a tariff scheme.

If in doubt – speak to a solicitor

If you are in doubt you should speak with a specialist personal injury solicitor who can advise you whether someone is “legally at fault”.

Collarbone Clavicle Fracture Compensation Claim

Compensation amounts for pain and suffering for a broken collarbone claim

To decide how much compensation you can receive for a broken collar bone your UK lawyer will obtain a medical report from an orthopaedic consultant. The report will will describe if your fractured collarbone has healed correctly and whether you will have any future problems.

Your accident solicitor will base how much compensation you can claim on this medical report and some examples for settlements in 2024, include:

Displaced collarbone fracture payouts

How much you can recover in compensation for a simple or displaced fracture of your clavicle will depend on whether the fracture is displaced or not, whether you recovery with no further symptoms, whether your collarbone heals with a displacement or not.

Painful displaced fractures that do not heal correctly will be at the higher end of the compensation awards.

For this type of broken collarbone – you can expect a compensation payout of between £5,200 – £12,300.

Serious collarbone fracture claims

If your collarbone fracture leads to permanent symptoms affecting your shoulder, neck and arm – you can expect compensation settlement of between £12,300 – £19,000.

What other types of compensation can you claim for a broken collar bone?

Compensation for pain and suffering is not the only claim you can make for your fractured collar bone.

You are also entitled to claim financial losses / expenses incurred as a direct result of your injury, which might include:

Lost income

If your clavicle fracture causes you to have time off work you will likely be able to claim for past and future lost income. See our salary loss claims article for a more detailed discussion.

Medical expenses

Medical expense might include: painkillers, a clavicle brace or strap (a figure of 8 support which improves the healing of a broken clavicle bone).

Equivalent of nursing care

Even when you do not have the assistance of a professional nurse – you can claim for the time spent by friends, family or a partner helping you at home with tasks such as bathing, eating, cleaning, etc

Other types of loss and expense due to a broken collarbone

For a full list of financial losses you can claim, (using a road traffic accident fractured collarbone claim as an example), see our car accident compensation article.

Broken Clavicle Summary

In this article – you have discovered what can be claimed for a fractured or broken collar bone and how much compensation your solicitor will claim for your pain and suffering (depending on the nature of your fracture).

Select from our specialist solicitor free online / telephone help options. You can have your broken collar bone claim assessed, ask an online question, call direct to one of our solicitors or arrange for a callback at a convenient time to discuss your fractured clavicle claim.