Broken Collar Bone

Broken Collar Bone: The types and amounts of compensation you can claim for a fractured clavicle injury

Broken collar bone: Discover why a broken collar bone is a type of fractured clavicle, how to claim your financial losses as a result of your injury with examples of how much compensation a solicitor can claim for your pain and suffering.

What is a broken collar bone?

The collar bone (clavicle) is the bone which joins the shoulder bone (scapula) to the breast bone (sternum) and is one of the most common bones in the human body to be broken in an accident.

Broken Collar Bone Fractured Clavicle Compensation Claim

Broken Collar Bone / Fractured Clavicle

A “broken collar bone” is another name for a type of fracture of the clavicle bone.

Click fracture claims to see the page I have written explaining all the different types of fracture you can suffer and how a broken bone is the lay man’s for a type of fracture.

When can you claim compensation for a broken collar bone?

You can claim compensation for a broken collar bone if your injury was caused in an accident or in a crime of violence and someone is considered as a matter of law to be legally at fault or responsible.

A common mistake you may make is to presume that no one was at fault for your injury, but this might not in actual fact be the case as a matter of law. Of course in an accident, such as a road traffic accident collision, it will seem quite obvious that someone is at fault should you fracture your collar bone.

BUT, there are other examples when it is not so obvious that someone is at fault for your broken collar bone claim, examples include:

1. If you trip and fall due to an upraised flag stone on the street – the council could be held legally responsible for not maintaining the public highway correctly

2. If you purchase a product, such as a bicycle, and the frame of the bicycle fails causing you to fall and injure yourself – the manufacturer of the product could be legally at fault.

3. If you have an operation at hospital and something goes wrong leaving you with an injury – it is possible that the NHS trust will be legally liable for medical negligence.

4. If you are assaulted on the street – the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority might pay compensation for your injury.

If you are in doubt you should speak with a specialist personal injury solicitor who can advise you whether someone is “legally at fault”.

What types of compensation can you recover in a broken collar bone claim

You can not only claim compensation for pain and suffering for your fractured collar bone, but you also entitled to claim financial losses as a direct result of your injury, which might include:

1. Lost income – for time of work recovering from your injury

2. Medical expenses – such as painkillers, a clavicle brace or strap (a figure of 8 support which improves the healing of a broken clavicle bone).

3. Equivalent of nursing care – even when you do not have the assistance of a professional nurse – you can claim for the time spent by friends and family helping you at home with tasks such as bathing, eating, cleaning, etc

For a full list of financial losses you can claim, using a road traffic accident as an example, click car accident compensation

Examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for pain and suffering for a broken  collarbone

To decide how much compensation you can receive for a broken collar bone your UK lawyer will obtain a medical report from an orthopaedic consultant, which will describe if your fractured collar bone has healed correctly and whether you will have any future problems.

Your accident solicitor will base how much compensation you can claim on this medical report and some examples for settlements in 2019, include:

1. Simple collar bone fracture claim payouts

A simple fracture of the collar bone, which has healed without deformity and gives you no ongoing pain will be calculated between: £2,000 – £4,500

2. Broken collar bone with ongoing pain settlements

If your fractures collar bone has not healed correctly and leads to ongoing pain you can expect an average compensation payout between: £4,500 – £10,700

3. Most serious broken collarbone claims

If your collarbone fracture leads to permanent affecting shoulder, neck and arm – you can expect compensation settlement of between: £11,000 – £17,000

Summary Of Compensation For Broken Collar Bone

On this page you have discovered what can be claimed for a fractured or broken collar bone and how much compensation your solicitor will claim for your pain and suffering (depending on the nature of your fracture).

I recommend you click fractured clavicle solicitor to speak to me in person free of charge or to have the amount of compensation you can claim for your broken collar bone assessed online by a specialist personal injury solicitor.