Fatal Accident Claims Solicitor

Fatal Accident Claims Solicitor: How to select a top specialist lawyer to claim UK death compensation and how to fund your solicitor’s costs

Discover what a “fatal accident claims solicitor” is, how to find a specialist lawyer and check that lawyer’s expertise and how to fund you solicitors fees for claiming compensation using insurance and no win no fee agreements.

How do you find a specialist fatal accident claims solicitor to speak to about making your claim?

fatal accident claims solicitor

Fatal Accident Claims Solicitor

There are many different types of personal injury lawyer in the UK. The majority of which will be specialist lawyers in one aspect or other of personal injury law.

Each type of accident claim can cause a fatality and as such an experienced solicitor should have encountered claiming fatal accident compensation within that specialist area of personal injury law.

It is very rare that you would find a lawyer who deals solely with fatal accident claims.

The best lawyer to make your claim is therefore an experienced specialist lawyer who practises in the type of accident that has caused the death.

For example: if you are attempting to claim compensation following a fatal motorcycle accident the lawyer you should contact is an experienced motor bike accident claims solicitor. You should also be careful to choose a lawyer who has dealt with high quantum claims.

“Quantum” is a legal term which refers to the amount of compensation which you are entitled to claim. A high quantum claim is simply a claim which is worth a lot of money.

The reason you should choose a lawyer with experience of high quantum claims is that such a lawyer will be experienced in dealing with complex issues. Fatal accident claims will typically have complicated issues relating not only to proving the claim against the person who was at fault for the wrongful death, but also the sums of money various dependents might be entitled to recover.

How do you know which UK lawyer is an experienced fatal accident claims solicitor?

It is difficult for you to know for sure who is an experienced fatal accident claims solicitor. There are, however, two useful ways to check a lawyer’s experience:

1. Look at the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority Website

On this website you can check the expertise of a fatal accident claims solicitor by checking if that solicitor is an accredited personal injury specialist lawyer.

In England and Wales the Solicitors Regulation Authority holds details of all solicitors practising in England and Wales and has details of whether that lawyer is accredited.

Click Law Society Of England And Wales to see the page I have written providing a link to the SRA and Law Society.

If the fatal accident occurred in Scotland or Northern Ireland – you should look at the website of the Law Society for each respective country. At present there is no accreditation scheme, but you will find useful information about the expertise of the lawyers.

Click Law Society Of Scotland to see the page I have written providing a link to the Scottish Law Society.

Click Law Society of Northern Ireland see the page I have written providing a link to the Northern Irish Law Society.

2. Check the legal firm’s website of the fatal accident claims solicitor you are interested in contacting

You should find a link to the law firm’s website from the Law Society or Solicitor Regulation Authority website. Use this link and check what the site has to say about the fatal accident claims solicitor you are thinking of contacting.

You will typically find a lot more detail about the lawyer’s experience and number of years of qualification.

REMEMBER: Even though a fatal accident claims solicitor is experienced you might find that such a lawyer isn’t right for you. It is important that a lawyer’s personality and way of working fits with what you expect, so which ever lawyer you contact remember there is no obligation to use him to run your claim. You can always contact another lawyer for a second opinion.

How do you fund your fatal accident claims solicitor legal cost?

The following means of funding your fatal accident claims solicitor legal costs might be available:

1. Legal protection cover on your insurance policies or those of the deceased

You should check all insurance policies both you and the deceased have which might allow a fatal accident claims solicitor legal costs to be funded via legal protection cover – these will include life insurance policies, legal protection policies on household contents insurance and trade union membership.

2. Legal aid

In certain instances legal aid can fund your solicitor’s fees of claiming fatal accident compensation and a solicitor’s attendance at the coroner’s inquest.

3. No win no fee agreements

Your solicitor might be prepared to fund your costs using a no win no fee agreement.

Summary Of Fatal Accident Claims Solicitor

On this page you have seen how to choose a top fatal accident claims solicitor and how to fund your lawyer’s legal fees.

I recommend you click fatal accident to see all the steps in claiming compensation for death in the UK using a fatal accident claims solicitor.