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Claim Compensation For Asthma Caused From Chemical Exposure At Work

Find out in a question and answer why you can hold your employer liable for asthma caused from chemical exposure at work and how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim.

Work Asthma Online Question

I have worked in a factory for many years exposed to chemicals and vapours in the air without any form of breathing protection. I have recently been diagnosed with occupational asthma. Since I have informed my employer – masks have been introduced and training given to avoid exposure and always wear breathing protection when using chemicals and in the presence of airborne vapours.

Can I claim against my employer and how would I know the amount of compensation I can claim?

Respiratory Problem Solicitor Response

Asthma is an allergic breathing condition whereby the airways can narrow when irritated.

This condition is known to develop from exposure to harmful chemicals and vapours in the workplace. Your employer should ensure that correct breathing protection is provided, training given and and exposure to such chemicals is avoided so far as possible.

As your employer did not provide such protection, or training, etc. until you notified them of your occupational asthma diagnosis it is very likely your employer will be held responsible to pay you compensation.

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Calculating Compensation Payout For Asthma From Chemical Exposure At Work

The amount of compensation depends on whether your asthma is permanent or temporary and the severity of your symptoms.

See our article describing the amounts of compensation you can claim for occupational asthma for a full description of what you can claim for and your solicitor calculates the your likely compensation payout.

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