Black Lung Disease Claims

Black Lung Disease Claims: Average Compensation Payouts For Coal Worker Pneumoconiosis

Discover how an employer negligently allowing you to breath in coal dust over long periods of time can lead to a black lung disease claim.

Find out why coal worker pneumoconiosis claims are not limited to current end ex-coal workers; the symptoms you are likely to suffer and how much compensation you can expect in settlement of your claim.

Payouts Table For Black Lung Disease Claims In 2024

Black Lung Disease
Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis
Claim Payout Amounts
Moderate£55,000 – £70,000
Severe£70,000 – £136,000

What are black lung disease claims?

You will typically be entitled to make a black lung disease claim fro compensation if your employer (or former employer) was “legally responsible” or “legally at fault” for your exposure to coal (or carbon) dust, which can be shown to have caused you to develop black lung disease,

What is black lung disease?

“Black lung” is also known as “coal miners’ pneumoconiosis”,” coal miners lung” or “anthracosis”. It is a lung disease resulting from scarring of the lungs caused by coal dust retention in the lungs.

Who can claim compensation for black lung disease?

It is a condition typically affecting coal miners and above surface colliery coal workers, breathing coal dust into their lungs over many years.

If you suffer from this condition and you are an ex-miner or coal worker it is quite likely you will be entitled to claim industrial injuries compensation from your former employer.

National Coal Board (NCB) And The British Coal Corporation

When the extraction of coal was nationalised in the UK – the organisation created to be responsible across the whole nation was the National Coal Board (NCB).

The NCB later became the British Coal Corporation. Coal extraction is now in the hands of a private company – UK Coal Plc.

Claim Despite NCB And British Coal Corporation No Longer Existing
See our coal workers claims article for an explanation of how you can still claim compensation from these organisations – even if they no longer exist.

Are pneumoconiosis claims limited to coal miners?

Pneumoconiosis is technically any lung disease that is caused by te inhalation of organic or non-organic dust. Therefore – may types of job exposed to dust can give rise to a pneumoconiosis claim.

Coal miner’s pneumoconiosis typically refers to black lung disease. The lungs showing black in scans from the carbon dust deposits and scarring.

Carbon dust lung disease claims are therefore not limited to coal miners.

Examples of other occupations that may cause exposure to carbon dust and give rise to a claim for similar carbon based lung scarring disease, include:

  1. Grinding of mineral carbon or graphite,
  2. Working with carbon electrodes.

How is black lung disease detected?

Breathing coal dust into your lungs over many years can lead to scarring (fibrosis) of the lungs.

If you are suffering from black lung – a scan of your lungs will show black areas caused by the scarring of the black dust.

The longer you are exposed to coal dust – the worse the condition becomes and the more severe the symptoms can be.

What are the symptoms of black lung disease?

The symptoms of coal miners’ pneumoconiosis will typically include:

  1. A chronic cough.
  2. Shortness of breath.
  3. Progressively worsening lung function.
  4. Disturbed sleep.
coal worker dust exposure
Coal Worker Dust Exposure

What types of compensation can be included in your claim?

Black lung disease compensation is made up of two distinct parts, which your solicitor will combine to calculate your overall compensation payout.

Pain and suffering

Compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the lung condition itself.

Financial loss and expense

You will typically experience financial loss and expense as a direct result of your lung condition. This might include lost income, forced early retirement, medical expenses, care and assistance in the home, etc.

Keep Records Of Your Losses
There are many types of financial loss that you might incur.
Keep a diary of all your losses, together with supporting receipts.
Your records will be essential evidence to support your claim for compensation.

How much is your black lung disease claim worth?

Some examples of how much compensation you can expect for the pain and suffering, which a black lung condition causes, include:

Moderate coal miners pneumoconiosis

Once you have been diagnosed with black lung – you are considered to have a recognised lung disease. Your symptoms might include sleep disturbance, shortness of breath, coughing episodes and a progressively worsening ability to breath. In this instance black lung disease claims are likely to be worth between £55,000 – £70,000.

Severe black lung disease

In the most extreme cases of pneumoconiosis – there is a real likelihood of early death and very severe symptoms which disrupt social and working life. You could expect a compensation settlement of between: £70,000 – £136,000


In this article we have set out how ex-coal workers can claim coal miners’ pneumoconiosis from current and past employers together with the amounts of compensation black lung disease claim settlements are worth.

We recommend you see our industrial disease claim process article, which sets out the industrial injuries claims process from start to finish.

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