Bicycle Road Accident Glamorgan: Fantastic Help – Thank You!

I called Kevin following a road traffic accident in which I was knocked off a bicycle. I had multiple injuries including two broken ribs, a 16cm scar to my leg, and whiplash.

I wasn’t sure whether to use a solicitor, deal with the claim on my own, or what.

Kevin explained where my preconceptions (based on what I had researched from multiple sources) were incorrect, and how a solicitor would benefit me. He gave some great advice of what I should be doing in the meantime too.

However, his expectation was that I would not need to use him, and his recommendation was to look through my home insurance documentation to see if I have free legal cover there. I’m on the phone to them now!

20min of free legal advice. Thank you.

Outstanding, and very professional.

David Garwood from Vale of Glamorgan, Wales on 12.09.2017