Claim Compensation By Widow: Death From Coal Miners Pneumoconiosis Bronchitis

UK solicitor explains when a widow can claim compensation for a death caused by coal miners pneumoconiosis and chronic bronchitis from exposure to dust in the pits

Widow of deceased coal miner

My deceased husband worked for the National Coal Board and later British coal for many years in various different mines in Rochdale, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Wales.

He was exposed to coal dust without any form of breathing protection. He would return from work quite often coughing up back residue.

He died earlier this year and the cause of death was stated to be pneumoconiosis and chronic bronchitis.

I am his widow and I was dependent on his miner’s pension I am now left with no household income and I wonder if it is possible to make a claim for compensation as my husband had no knowledge that his breathing conditions were in some way related to coal dust exposure.

Industrial lung disease solicitor response

There is a good chance that you will have a claim for your husband’s death as it seems that his cause of death were two conditions which were related to the inhalation of coal dust over many years.

The are main heads of loss which you can claim for his death which would include:

1. Bereavement – a sum of money to compensate you for the early loss of a love one. Currently around the figure of £12,000 compensation.

2. Funeral expenses – money to pay for your deceased husband’s burial.

3. Dependency – it is likely you will be entitled to a dependency claim which will compensate you for the loss of the household income on which you relied.

4. Claim by the deceased’s estate – it could be possible that a claim could be made by the deceased’s estate for the pain and suffering experienced in life.

5. Additional payments – as pneumoconiosis (a specific coal mining lung disease) was diagnosed there could be additional payments possible

If you think you might wish to claim compensation for the fatal coal miners pneumoconiosis and chronic bronchitis condition click fatal industrial lung disease claimto access my free online claim assessment form.