Compensation Claim Calculator UK: Injury In Accidents Money Amounts Online

Specialist UK solicitor explains how a compensation claim calculator in the UK is used to calculate the amount of compensation you can receive in damages and how to have a free online assessment by a specialist personal injury lawyer

How is the amount of damages you can claim in compensation decided by your solicitor?

In any personal injury claim there are two main types of money which can be claimed in damages. What is known as general damages and special damages. A compensation claim calculator for each operates in a different way.

1. General damages for personal injury claims

General damages are concerned with the pain and suffering you experience from a physical or psychological injury. The courts have decided over many years and from deciding many cases at court how much you are entitled to claim for each type of injury you might suffer.

To see a page I have written explaining how your solicitor assesses the amount of general damages compensation you are entitled to for your specific injury click compensation calculator UK and to see examples of compensation amounts for all manner of injury click compensation amounts.

2. Special damages following a personal injury

Special damages are actual financial losses you might incur, such as lost wages due to absence from work recuperating, or expenses you suffer – such as the cost of medical treatment and painkillers to help your recover.

This loss depends on the individual. For example a premiership footballer will suffer a much larger weekly lost income than a builder for the same amount of time off work. There is no limit to the amount of compensation which can be claimed for special damages.

To see the page I have written explaining how your financial loss following an accident is calculated and the evidence necessary to support your claim click claim calculator UK.

Free online accident claim assessment by a specialist personal injury solicitor

The only true way to have a compensation claim calculator in the UK is to have a specialist solicitor look at your individual accident circumstances; prepare evidence to support your losses and injuries and once the evidence is complete compare the evidence to claims heard in the court in the past for similar injuries.

Click compensation claim calculator UK to arrange for me to call you back free of charge to assess the amounts of compensation you can claim or compete my free online compensation money assessment form and I will return to you by email with the answers to your questions.