Whiplash Claims Solicitor: Please tell me how I can choose the best UK whiplash claims solicitor?

Whiplash claims solicitor: I was involved in a car accident a year ago – the other driver admitted responsibility and his insurer has offered me a sum of compensation.

I received severe whiplash in the crash and have been diagnosed with a fracture of the cervical spine. I want to make sure I receive the correct amount of compensation and I am looking for a whiplash claims solicitor to help me.

whiplash claims solicitor

Whiplash Claims Solicitor

A: All whiplash claims solicitors are not the same – to choose the best UK specialist to maximise your compensation claim you need to be aware of:

1. What is a “whiplash claims solicitor” in the United Kingdom?

A UK “whiplash claims solicitor” is a solicitor who specialises in a type of road traffic accidents.

Road traffic accidents fall into three main types:

A. Car Accidents

A whiplash is normally caused from effects of using a seatbelt in a car – a solicitor who specialises in car accidents is your typical “whiplash claims solicitor”.

B. Motorcycle Accidents

Crashes involving motorcycles cause very different types of injury than whiplash and some lawyers specialise in these types of injury claim.

C. Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whiplash injuries can be caused by a crash in other larger vehicles especially when seatbelts are being worn, such as collisions involving mini buses, coaches and lorries.

2. Law Society accredited whiplash claims solicitor

The Law Society has an accreditation scheme, whereby it approves and registers solicitors who can show a high level of expertise.

Click personal injury lawyer to see my page explaining all about accreditation and how to search with Law Society of England and Wales for an accredited whiplash injury solicitor.

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3. The advantages of using a specialist whiplash claims solicitor

You have described quite a nasty whiplash injury involving fractures of the cervical spine, so it is essential that you use a specialist solicitor to maximise your damages and ensure your claim runs smoothly.

Your injury lawyer must obtain expert medical evidence to show the effects that your spinal damage is likely to have into the future including your ability to earn a living.

Click car accident compensation to see all the types of loss your UK whiplash claims solicitor should take into account as part of your claim

4. How can you fund your legal costs in making a compensation claim?

As your whiplash injury is worth well over £1000 your legal costs will be paid by the person responsible for your accident, but this is at the end of your claim.

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5. Free online legal including contact from a specialist whiplash claims solicitor

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