Construction Accident Claims Solicitor: UK Work Injury Compensation

How to show your employer is legally liable to pay compensation for your construction accident

Construction sites are considered very dangerous work environments and as such the health and safety laws surrounding employees working on building sites are very strict.

Should an accident happen due to an employer breaching the health and safety rules it is likely that you will have a construction accident compensation claim against your employer.

You will however require the help of a specialist work accident solicitor as proving fault will often require a careful examination of the law, the accident circumstances and often disclosure of critical documentation held by your employer. Such documentation might include accident book entries for previous site accidents, risk assessments and training documentation signed by employees.

If your accident was caused as a result of an error by a fellow employee or due to failure of some work equipment your claim against your employer is likely to be successful.

Even if your accident happened due to an error by yourself – there is still a strong possibility you could make a successful work injury claim, but the amount of compensation you receive could be reduced by a percentage due to what us lawyer’s call contributory negligence.

In short – if you have suffered injury at work from a construction accident it is best to speak to a specialist solicitor to see if you have a claim.