Crushed By Steel Coil Work Compensation Claim: Broken Leg Spine PTSD

Work accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for injuries suffered at work including crush injuries to the legs and spine with psychological injury such as post traumatic stress disorder.

Crush accident at work question

I work on the factory floor in a manufacturing factory in Leeds.

On one occasion I was walking on the factory floor when a shelf collapsed and a coil of sheet steel fell on to my left leg pushing me on to the floor – crushing my leg and spine.

As I was walking past the shelf I saw it collapse and I felt helpless to get out of the way of the coil steel in time before it hit me.

I was taken to hospital and an entry was made in the work accident book.

I was diagnosed with a broken tibia and fibula in my left leg, a fracture to one of my lumbar vertebra and I am also receiving cognitive behavioural therapy in relation to post traumatic stress disorder.

Can I claim compensation for my leg, back and psychological injuries from my employers?

Work accident solicitor response

The accident circumstances show a clear liability of your employer for your accident. It is to be expected that workers can move around a factory without danger and it is to be expected that shelving would be fit for purpose – able to hold the items loaded thereon, in this case sheet metal coils.

Sheet steel can weigh a massive amount and if an employee is hit as you were – significant injuries as you describe are entirely foreseeable.

You should instruct a specialist work accident solicitor to help you make a claim. Your solicitor will instruct an orthopaedic medical expert to complete a report describing your crush injuries including your fractured tibia and fibula and the damaged vertebrae in your back. This expert
will describe the exact nature of your injuries together with a prognosis of what the future holds – including any potential disabilities and like future symptoms.

In addition a clinical psychologist will be instructed to describe your psychological injuries, which at this stage appear to be post traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a recognised treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. To compile a report the clinical psychologist will access your current medical notes and therapy notes.

There are certain criteria which must always be followed for a diagnosis of PTSD – click post traumatic stress disorder claim to see the gateway criteria which must be present for a diagnosis of PTSD.

Based upon the medical evidence your solicitor can value the amount of compensation you can claim.

Should you wish to commence a claim for your broken bones, damaged spinal vertebra and PTSD or to speak me in person click work accident solicitor claim.