Crushed Fingers Construction Site Claim: Fractures Tendon Damage Compensation

UK work accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for crush injuries to the hand and fingers causing fractures and tendon damage together with examples of amounts of compensation you can claim in the UK.

Construction Site Worker Accident Victim Question

I work in the construction industry. On a construction site in Newcastle upon Tyne – I was required by my foreman to manually remove a concrete lintel. Ordinarily this job would not be done by hand as concrete lintels are extremely heavy.

construction site accident claim

Construction Site Accident Claim

Ordinarily this task would be done using a genie or scissor lift, but the foreman was under time pressure so did not wish to remove the rubble under the lintel to allow such a portable lift to be used.

As a colleague and I were moving the lintel – my grip slipped due to the immense weight and my index and middle fingers were crushed. The lintel was sharp and when I pulled my hand free my fingers were badly cut and in incredible pain.

I was assisted by my colleague and an ambulance was called. At hospital I was diagnosed with two fractures to my index and middle finger with tendon damage to each. I believe the accident was reported in the accident book although I have to date to see the entry.

Can I claim compensation from my employer and if so how much is my claim for two fractured fingers with tendon damage likely to be worth?

Construction Work Accident Solicitor Response

I am familiar with concrete lintels and the likely weight such items are. It is clear that this should have been lifted by an appropriate lifting device, such as a genie or scissor lift. The fact that your employer was under time pressure to complete a job does not mean that the safety of workers should be ignored.

I believe it is likely that on the issue of liability of legal fault – your employer will be responsible for your injuries.

The amount of compensation you can claim for two fractured fingers and tendon crush injuries depends upon the exact nature of the injuries as set out in a medical report completed by an independent medical expert properly instructed by a solicitor with an overriding duty of accuracy owed to the court.

Finger Crush Fracture Average Compensation Amounts

Average compensation amounts vary greatly depending on the amount of disability remaining in the fingers and whether damage is so severe to require amputation.

Average payouts for crush fractures vary from £2,000 – £24,000 – depending totally on the severity of the injury.

In addition you would be able to claim compensation for financial loss as a direct result of the accident – including any lost income, medical expenses, future lost income or disadvantage on the open labour market (an amount of money to compensate for your reduced ability to find work as a result of any ongoing symptoms in your hands).

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