Dental Negligence Claim

Dental Negligence Claim: Root Canal Completed On Incorrect Tooth

Dental negligence solicitor explains how to claim compensation if your dental surgeon has completed root canal surgery on the wrong tooth.

Dental Negligence Victim Question

Dental Negligence Claim

Dental Negligence Claim

I went to see my GP who took an X-Ray of the mouth and indicated that the pain I was experiencing in a pre molar tooth required root canal to remedy. An appointment was arranged for the following week and I attended the dentist and was given a general anaesthetic.

After the procedure was completed I went home and as the anaesthetic wore off I noticed I was having the same pain in my top pre molar tooth.

When I examined my teeth I noticed that there was a drill mark in my canine tooth next to the pre molar.

I contacted the dental practice who examined me and indicated that an incorrect marking had been made in my notes and the wrong tooth had been treated.

A further appointment has been arranged for a root canal for the premolar tooth, but I feel that my canine tooth has been damaged when there was nothing wrong with it.

Is it possible to claim compensation from my dentist in these circumstances?

Dental Negligence Solicitor Response

“Yes”- it is possible to claim compensation from your dental practice.

Your dentist must however first be given the opportunity to respond formally in writing to the complaints you have made.

You should contact the dental practice to obtain the patient complaints procedure and set out in writing the problems you feel you have suffered and send this to the dental practice.

The practice will acknowledge receipt and give a time period for a response in writing.

You should simultaneously contact the dental negligence solicitor to commence a claim against the dental practice.

If your version of events can be supported from the x-rays and from the medical notes held by your dentist then you are entitled to claim compensation for the damage to the canine tooth which took place due to an unnecessary dental procedure.

The amount of compensation that you would claim would run into several thousands of pounds and the cost of a solicitor could be claimed from the dental practice in addition to you compensation.

If you would like to consider making a claim for the damage to your canine tooth due to dental negligence or would speak to me in person free or charge to discuss the procedure of claiming compensation click incorrect root canal treatment dental negligence