NHS Dental Negligence Claim

NHS Dental Negligence Claim: Loss Of Teeth Root Infection Compensation

NHS Dental Negligence: UK solicitor explains how to make a claim for dental negligence following the loss of teeth and infection from misdiagnosis and a failed dental procedure by an NHS dentist

Dental negligence victim question

Approximately 5 months ago I went to the dentist with a dental pain at the back of my mouth in my lower jaw. My dentist examined me and removed my back molar in my lower mouth on the left hand side.

NHS dental negligence

NHS Dental Negligence

When the anaesthetics wore off – I was still in pain as before the procedure. My gum then became inflamed and on returning to my dentist he informed me I had developed an infection and was given antibiotics.

My dental pain continued so I went back to the dentists and another dentist at the same NHS practice. This dentist removed the next tooth along (I believe another molar).

Whilst the dentist was removing my tooth – he exerted so much pressure on my upper body that I had to ask him to stop temporarily. He was exerting this force so that he could tug at the tooth.

Eventually he managed to remove the tooth, but again my pain continued, I also had chest pain from the force he had used and I still had an infection and was given further antibiotics.

I was told by my boyfriend that my complexion was turning yellow, which I have found out was due to the infection.

I decided to go to another dental practice. The new dentist took some x-rays and was shocked as to what he saw. He explained the roots had been left in for both of the teeth when they had been extracted, which was causing the infection.

He also explained that I had a wisdom tooth growing, which was the cause of the pain – so the two teeth should not have been extracted in the first place.

I now have to go to hospital to have an operation to remove the roots of the teeth.

I would like to make a claim for the dentist errors and the pain and suffering I have experienced not to mind the loss of two healthy teeth.

Dental negligence solicitor response

The first thing you should do as a patient who has experienced a problem with an NHS dental practice is to make a complaint via the NHS patients’ compliant procedure.

This is not a legal step, but nonetheless a necessary one.

To do this you should telephone the NHS dental practice to find out their patients’ complaints procedure. It differs from practice to practice – you will typically be given a name and address to right to or be given a standard form to complete.

Here you should set out as a patient why you are dissatisfied with the service you have received.

I recommend you put all of your complaints in a numbered list so as to ensure you have a proper response to each and every point. Once you send your letter – the NHS dental practice will acknowledge receipt and give you a date by which they will reply in full.

In tandem with that complaint – a dental negligence claim can be commenced against the NHS dental practice as it seems quite clear that errors have occurred.

If the dental practice does not accept liability then an independent medical report from a dental expert instructed by your solicitor will be required to prove that negligence has occurred. This expert will look at your dental notes. x-rays and examine you.

He will then produce a report setting out whether negligence has occurred.

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