Fatal Pedestrian Accident Claim: Dependency Bereavement Funeral Costs

UK road traffic accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for the death of a husband who was a pedestrian in a fatal car accident

Wife of fatal car accident victim question

My husband was walking in a pedestrian area in Birmingham city centre when a car collided with him causing immediate death.

There were several witnesses to the road accident and the police attended at the scene – an inquest is soon to take place.

I understand the police are prosecuting the driver of the vehicle who was using his mobile phone at the time of the accident.

My husband and I had two children aged 4 years and 6 years and I am a house wife dependant on his income.

Can I claim compensation for my loss and for the income that my husband would normally provide for myself and my children?

Fatal road traffic accident solicitor response

There are primarily three types of loss that you will be entitled to claim following an accident causing death in the UK, which will include:

1. Funeral expenses

The estate of your husband will be entitled to claim funeral expenses as a result of this road traffic accident.

2. Bereavement loss

As you are wife at the time of your husband’s death you are entitled to claim a bereavement loss which is currently in the region of £12,000.

3. Dependency loss

Both you and your children were dependent on your husband’s income and as such you will be entitled to claim a dependency loss. The amount you can claim will vary depending on the circumstances of your husband’s income and the amount of dependency you and your children had on your husband’s income. Quite often this figure can translate to one third of your husband’s income multiplied by the number of years you will be expected to be dependent on that income.

This calculation is only an approximation and an extensive conversation with a specialist fatal car accident lawyer will be necessary to establish the true amount you can claim.

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