Fatal Car accident: RTA Claims By Children Spouses Parents For Death

Find out the types of compensation you can claim for the loss of a family member in a fatal car accident – including bereavement compensation, dependency claims and funeral expenses

Parents of fatal car accident victim

We have lost our 27 year old son in a car accident which wasn’t his fault. Our son was married and had two children.

Can we claim compensation for our loss?

Fatal car accident solicitor response

As your son was an adult the amount of compensation that can be claimed by yourselves as parents would likely be limited to funeral expenses (possibly dependency compensation if you were financially dependent in some way on your son’s income).

Additional sums can be claimed by your son’s wife for what is known as a bereavement loss and more likely by his wife and children for a dependency loss.

Bereavement compensation – is a loss to compensate for the emotional pain for the death of a loved one. You can never be truly compensated for this loss, so the sum – which is currently just under £12,000 – is merely a token sum.

Far larger is a dependency claim, which is compensation to children and spouse who were dependent on the deceased for the income he generated to support their standard of living.

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