How Long Will A Car Accident Injury Claim For UK Compensation Take?

Find Out The Time Period For Claiming Injury Compensation In A UK Road Traffic Accident

The estimate of how long a car accident or other road traffic accident claim will take before you receive your compensation monies depends on several factors, including:

1. The nature and severity of your road accident injury

If you have an injury which quickly resolves itself it is safe for your claim to conclude as quickly as possible – this could be as fast as 6 months.

If however your injury is severe – it is dangerous to conclude your compensation claim until your future symptoms and your recovery period is known.

You would risk settling your claim at far too low a sum of money if you attempt to end your claim too soon.

It is inadvisable for an independent medical report to complete a report until 6 months after a serious ongoing injury. This reason being that the expert would not be able to provide an accurate prediction of ongoing symptoms. Quite often an expert would need to produce an additional report at a later stage – perhaps after operations or corrective surgery has taken place.

It is possible to receive an interim payment if your injuries are severe – this is a sum of money as part payment of your compensation. The remainder to paid once your claim concludes.

If you have a serious injury – your claim is likely to last over 18 months and if the car insurer will not pay up your claim could even last 3 years (but in such cases an interim payment is likely).

2. Do you have a claim for vehicle damage?

If you have suffered damage to your car or other vehicle in a RTA – this part of your claim can be quickly quantifies and will often be paid quickly by the person’s at fault motor insurer. This can be as quick as 2 weeks to 3 months.

3. Is liability, fault or responsibility for the car accident disputed?

If fault is disputed as to who caused your car accident there can be significant delays in resolving your claim.

Remember – a Claimant must prove a that a driver was negligent or at fault. If a Defendant does not accept responsibility your solicitor will have to issue proceedings at court to have a judge make a decision on who was at fault.

If liability is accepted your claim should last 6 – 12 months, but if fault is disputed your claim can last much longer. a good solicitor should have it resolved within 2 years.

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