Jersey Car Accident: Claim Compensation From The UK Whiplash Fractured Forearm Back Pain Concussion Broken Finger

RTA solicitor sets out how it is possible to claim compensation from England for a car accident in Jersey includes a claim for concussion, whiplash, broken finger, fractured forearm and lower back pain

Jersey Car Accident Victim Question

I was on holiday with my wife on Jersey and we had hired a car to use during a stay. I was driving the car with my wife as a front seat passenger. We had stopped at a junction waiting to turn right onto a main road when our car was thrown forward with great force.

I banged my head on the steering wheel and was initially dazed, but when I gathered my senses and got out of the car I saw that a van had collided with the rear of our vehicle.

The van driver apologised and explained he had received a call on his mobile and had been distracted.

The police and ambulance attended at the scene. I understand the van driver is being prosecuted for careless driving.

My wife and I were taken to hospital. I was diagnosed with concussion and whiplash type symptoms to my neck and left shoulder.

At the time of the collision my wife was looking in the glove compartment and the force of the impact forced her right hand to collide heavily on the dashboard. She suffered a broken index finger and fracture to the radius and ulna in her right hand. In addition – she is suffering from a lower back pain and seatbelt burns.

My wife and I live in Canterbury in the South East Of England. Can we claim compensation from the UK for our injuries?

European Road Accident Solicitor Response

As you are UK citizens and the car accident happened in a country, which although not a member of the UK nor the European Union, it does have a special relationship with the EU. It is a Channel Island and as such one of the British Isles having its own legal system, but is protected by Britain under treaty.

As the accident was a road traffic accident – European laws enacted in the UK allow a claim to be made from UK if a road traffic accident victim is domiciled in the UK.

As you are from Canterbury a claim for personal injury, including concussion, whiplash, a broken finger, fractured arm (radius and ulna) and lower back pain can be commenced from England.

You will however need the assistance of a specialist European RTA solicitor to make your claim.

Commence your Jersey car accident claim

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