Miners hearing loss from explosions

Mining Dynamite Explosion Claim: Arm Leg Hearing Damage Compensation

UK industrial accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you work in the mining industry and you are injured by a dynamite explosion

Industrial accident victim question

I worked in the mining industry in England and Scotland and approximately two years ago a worker who was responsible for setting off dynamite explosions in the coal face, known as a shot firer, did not check correctly the blasting area before firing a shot in the underground coal face. He was supposed to shine his light in the blast area to ensure nobody was near.

The blast went off and I was badly injured on my right leg, my right arm and also damaged my hearing in my right ear.

Am I entitled to claim compensation for my injuries?

Industrial accident solicitor response

The worker who was responsible for setting off the explosives should take extreme care when conducting such a dangerous task including ensuring the safety of other mining workers. It is clear that he was negligent by not checking for the presence of other employees before setting off the explosives and in turn your employer via the principle of vicarious liability will be responsible for his negligence and for paying mining injury compensation to you for your arm, leg and hearing injuries.

You have suffered various different types of injury requiring the need of an orthopaedic consultant medical report and an ear nose and throat expert medical report to set out the full nature of your injuries so that the correct amount of compensation can be claimed on your behalf.

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