MRSA Hospital Negligence: How To Claim Compensation For Your Scarring Disfigurement

Discover in easy steps how to claim compensation if you have suffered from MRSA at hospital causing scarring and disfigurement

MRSA hospital negligence victim question

I was admitted to a NHS hospital in Manchester approximately 2 years ago for a simple operation on my forehead. As a result of the operation and the stay in hospital I contracted MRSA and was left with a disfigured forehead.

The scarring of my forehead has required two further operations by a plastic surgeon to attempt to correct, but it is still so badly scarred that I have comments from virtually everyone I meet.

I have been in counselling as a result of being so self-conscious about my scarring and the reactions I get from the public.

Would I be entitled to make a claim for compensation against the hospital, if so how would I do this and what are my chances of success?

Hospital negligence solicitor response

It is possible you will be able to claim compensation from the hospital for the effects of MRSA.

Hospitals should take proper precautions to prevent the contraction of MRSA during an operation or other surgical procedure.

You could be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced; a sum of money for scarring and disfigurement; an additional sum for psychological injury and money to compensate you for any financial expenses you might have incurred.

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Making a claim for compensation

To make a claim for compensation you will need the help of a specialist clinical negligence solicitor.

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