Shattered Ankle In Trip Accident Harrow London: Average Payout Amounts

UK solicitor explains how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for a shattered ankle in a trip accident

Trip Accident Victim Question

I tripped in hole in the road in Harrow in London. I stumbled – my ankle went over on one side of ankle then on other side hit the ground then I smashed ankle off the kerb.

ankle injury compensation payouts

Ankle Injury Compensation Payouts

A witness called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital, diagnosed with a broken ankle – surgery was required to have a metal plate and pins inserted in my ankle.

The hole in the road was approximately 3 inches deep. I am using a solicitor already to make a claim and the council have accepted liability.

How much is the average payout I can expect for a shattered ankle injury?

Trip Accident Solicitor Response

As you have a solicitor acting on your behalf that solicitor should have obtained a medical report from an independent orthopaedic consultant. The medical report should set out the exact nature of your injuries together with a prognosis setting out how long your symptoms will last into the future together with any permanent symptoms, restriction of movement in your ankle or disabilities.

Only an analysis of this report will give your solicitor the ability to provide an estimate of the amount of compensation you can receive for pain and suffering (general damages) and financial losses (past and future lost income, medical expenses, etc.) for a shattered ankle injury.

Alternatively – your solicitor might obtain the opinion of a barrister who will study the most recent case law detailing shattered ankle injuries similar to the one you have suffered. In this was average compensation payouts can be calculated and provided to your solicitor in a document known as “a barrister’s opinion on quantum”.

Ankle injury average payout amounts

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