Shipbuilding Steelworks Mining Glasgow: Injury Compensation Claims From Heavy Industry

How to claim compensation if you were employed in Glasgow in a heavy industry factory including shipbuilding and steelworks and the mining industry

Glasgow has a long tradition of being involved in many different large factory heavy industries, including: mining, ship building, steelworks and engine manufacture.

Workers employed in heavy industry for a number of years might suffer many industrial illnesses and conditions, which include noise induced hearing loss, breathing disorders such as silicosis and miners’ black lung, vibration white finger, etc.

As many of the heavy industry factories are no longer in Glasgow your exposure to hazardous work environments could well have taken place many years ago, but despite this there is still a possibility of claiming compensation even if your former employer is no longer in business.

The critical factor is when the law assigns your date of knowledge of injury. This might not be at the time you first suffered your symptoms as often you would not appreciate what the symptoms were stemming from, such as with industrial deafness in which your hearing loss can become apparent many years later.

Quite often when you see a consultant doctor and are diagnosed with a condition that consultant will likely try to establish how your illness developed and you will typically be asked about your hobbies and previous work conditions to see if they were responsible for damaging exposure. At this stage you would most likely have knowledge of your injury and as such the time period to commence your claim will start to run sveral years after that date.

What should you do if you worked in shipyards, steelworks, mining, engine production industries or other factory work and you are suffering some form of medical condition?

There are three primary steps you should take if you suspect you are suffering from an illness following work in heavy industry in Glasgow:

1. Seek medical assistance and request that your GP refer you to a specialist consultant to ensure your illness is correctly diagnosed and your condition is treated;

2. Contact a Scottish industrial disease specialist solicitor to see whether you are still in time to make a claim for compensation;

3. Click in industrial illness solicitor Glasgow to use my website’s free online legal help or call me direct on the number under my photograph at the top of this page to discuss your potential Glasgow industrial injury claim.