Tunnel Worker Industrial Lung Disease

Silicosis Pneumoconiosis Asbestosis Claim: Tunnel Worker Industrial Compensation

UK industrial disease solicitor explains the dangers of contracting industrial lung disease from working underground in the tunnel industry including siliciosis, pneumoconiosis and asbestosis together with how to claim compensation even if former employers are no longer trading

Tunnel worker lung disease victim question

I have worked underground building various tunnels for most of my life and have recently been diagnosed with silicosis, pnemoconiosis and asbestosis. I was exposed to various types of dust from the rock that was drilled through in the tunneling process.

I have worked for many companies and so do not have a record of all their names. Is there a way to establish which companies I worked for and could you tell me:

How much would it cost me to make a claim? Can I make a claim with out any cost to myself? What information do I need to give and how long does the process of making a claim take? What amount of compensation will I be entitled to?

Industrial disease solicitor response

Mine workers and tunnel workers are prone to developing conditions from exposure to dust when proper precautions are not taken to keep the tunnels clear and provide proper breathing equipment. Silicosis, pneumoconiosis and asbestosis all come from long term exposure to silicon dust and asbestos dust. Pneumoconiosis is a broad term which can come from many different types of mineral dust.

You have worked for a number of employers and the record of all your employers will be retained on your Inland Revenue National Insurance record – this can be obtained from the Inland Revenue by an appointed solicitor. The fact that the businesses my longer be trading will not limit your ability to make a claim.

To answer each of your other questions in turn:

1. There are a number of ways to fund a claim including a no win no fee agreement – this will allow your claim to be made with a solicitor not charging you upfront any legal fees. If the claim is won the solicitor can charge the other side legal costs in addition to your compensation. The solicitor can charge the other side extra due to the fact that a risk was taken in running your claim.

If your claim does not succeed – your solicitor will not charge you any legal fees.

2. Using a no win no fee agreement – you can effectively make a claim at no cost to yourself although an insurance policy is necessary for expenses known as disbursements and the risk of the other side’s costs should you lose your claim.

3. Your solicitor will obtain details of your employment history and will need a description from you of what each job entailed together with a description of the symptoms you are suffering. You GP and hospital notes can be accessed to verify the diagnosis of silicosis, pneumoconiosis and asbestosis.

4. The process for industrial disease claims can be quite lengthy – especially when many employers are involved. Each employer must be contacted and a claim initiated. if the employer is not in business – the insurance in place at the time of your employment must be traced so that the claim can be directed to the insurance company. All employers should have in place appropriate insurance by law. An industrial disease claim can therefore last several years – but remember it is the solicitor who is doing the work not you – so your involvement will be limited.

5. The amount of compensation will depend entirely on the severity of the silicosis, pneumoconiosis and asbestosis. Click silicosis / pneumoconiosis compensation amount and asbestosis compensation to see how much to see examples.

Specialist Solicitor Help To Claim Silicosis, Pneumoconiosis & Asbestosis Compensation

If you would like to make a claim click industrial lung disease claim to commence online or to request that I call you back in person to discuss further.