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Taxi Passenger Claim: Car Collision During U Turn In Chester

Road traffic accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you are a passenger in a taxi involved in a RTA in Chester causing injuries to the shoulder, neck, cervical spine, upper and lower arm, ribs.

Taxi passenger accident victim question

I was in a taxi as a back seat passenger with my wife. We were travelling at approximately 30 miles an hour as the taxi slowed to perform a u turn. As the taxi attempted to swing onto the other side of the road an oncoming vehicle on collided with the front passenger side of the taxi.

Taxi Passenger Accident Claim

Taxi Passenger Accident Claim

This occurred at quite some speed, the taxi driver managed to pull the car over to the side were some witnesses came to assist us and an ambulance was called. I was taken to hospital together with my wife and I understand the police attended at the scene and took details.

I was diagnosed with rib fractures, severe soft tissue injuries to the shoulders, dislocated shoulder, cervical spinal injuries including whiplash and severe bruising.

Since the accident I have been receiving physiotherapy.

My wife was also injured suffering a broken radius and whiplash injuries. She is also undergoing treatment

The collision happened in Chester city centre.

How do my wife and I go about claiming compensation for our injuries and who will be responsible?

Taxi accident solicitor response

The taxi driver was completing a u turn at speed and it does not seem that he took notice of traffic with the right of way on the other side of the road.

It seems clear that taxi driver is at fault and as such his motor insurer will be responsible for paying compensation to both you and your wife. All of the injuries you have described including: humerus fracture, broken radius, neck whiplash, dislocated shoulder, cervical spine and bruising.

To describe all of the injuries suffered your solicitor will instruct an independent orthopaedic consultant to compile a report and set out an estimate as to any future symptoms. Based upon this report your solicitor can value how much compensation you can claim.

In addition to compensation for pain and suffering you will be entitled to claim any financial losses including lost income, medical expenses and other out of pocket expenses.

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