Broken Rib Claim

Broken Rib Claim Payouts: Compensation Calculator For Fractured Or Cracked Ribs

Discover how you can make a broken rib claim for compensation following an accident in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (including RTA’s in Europe or during a package holiday anywhere in the world); when you can claim your legal costs in pursuing you claim as part of your compensation, with examples of calculations of the amounts of compensation you can claim for fractured ribs of varying severity and what to do if you are considering making a claim for compensation following an accident.

We start with our brief guideline table of payouts for pain and suffering and conclude with access to our specialist solicitor free legal help options.

Table Of Payouts For Broken Rib Claims In 2023

Our table of payouts sets out likely settlements for pain and suffering as a result of broken ribs.

Remember – you can claim financial loss and expense and the majority of your legal fees from the person who caused your injuries.

Broken RibsClaim Payout
Few weeks symptoms
Up to £4,000
Complicated fractures
Collapsed lungs
£2,200 – £5,300
Chest / lung disability
£5,300 – £55,000

What is a UK broken rib claim?

If you have suffered an accident, such as a road traffic accident or work accident, as the result of the negligence or legal fault of another in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland resulting in fractured, cracked or broken ribs – you will be entitled to make a UK broken rib claim for compensation.

In addition to your compensation (so long as your injuries are calculated over the small claims limit) – you will be entitled to claim the majority of your legal costs in employing a solicitor to pursue your broken rib claim.

Overseas accident made from the UK

Should you suffer your fractured ribs from a vehicle accident in Europe or during a package holiday, you may still be entitled to make a claim in the UK for your broken rib injuries.

fractured cracked ribs road accident claim
Fractured / Cracked Ribs Cyclist Road Accident

How much compensation are you entitled to for a broken rib claim?

The amount of compensation you can claim for a broken rib is dependent on the extent of the injury suffered as diagnosed and verified by an independent medical expert instructed by a solicitor. The medical expert should not be your treating doctor as this would be construed as bias by the courts.

Below are some examples of the amounts of compensation a broken ribs claim is worth in 2023:

Minor fractured ribs settlements

The least serious fracture of ribs, which cause soreness and significant pain over a few weeks only – will give rise to a claim settlement of up to £4,000.

Moderate /complicated fractures injuring lungs

Broken ribs which are severe enough to affect the functioning of your lungs, including collapsed lungs – but with a full recovery in a relatively short time period. Your average compensation payout will be approximate between £2,200 – £5,300.

Serious fractured ribs causing permanent lung problems

If you have some form of continuing disability to your chest and lungs as result of your broken ribs – the amount of compensation you can claim can vary between £5,300 – £55,000.

What should you do if you have suffered a rib fracture?

The circumstances of how exactly your rib came to be fractured are very important.

Watch out – if you cause your own injury and there was no other person, business or body at fault – you will not be able to make a claim.

Your solicitor would need to establish if someone was legally at fault for your broken rib. This might not be as obvious as it seems – often you may feel an accident was your fault, but in law someone else may be legally responsible.

Speak to a specialist solicitor

We recommend – you speak to a specialist solicitor if you have suffered fractured or broken ribs and wish to consider making a claim. Only in this way will you know id a claim is possible and the steps you need to take to make a claim.

See our specialist personal injury solicitor free online / telephone help. You can have your claim assessed online, request a specialist call back or ask a legal question by calling direct or by online form.