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Chest Injury Claim Payouts: Average Compensation Amounts Calculator

We set out the body parts that can be injured as part of a chest claim; how a personal injury solicitor determines the amount of compensation you can claim together with examples of compensation amounts for injuries to the chest, breast bone, sternum ribs, lungs and heart.

Payouts Table For Chest Injury Compensation In 2023

Our payouts table sets out the compensation amounts you can claim for pain and suffering for various different chest injuries. Be aware – you can claim additional compensation for financial loss and expense.

Chest InjuryClaim Payout Amounts
Fractured ribsUp to £4,000
Collapsed lungs£2,000 – £5,500
Minor lung damage£5,000 – £18,000
Moderate lung injury£31,000 – £55,000
Serious lung & heart injury£66,000 – £150,000

What is a chest injury claim?

If you suffer an injury to your chest in an accident or as a result of negligence of another person or business, you could be entitled to make a “chest injury claim”. In other words – you could be entitled to claim compensation from the person or business considered legally at fault for your injury.

Examples of negligent events that can lead to a chest injury claim, include a car accident (rib injury from the seatbelt restraint) or work incident involving inhalation of hazardous chemicals at work (causing lung damage).

Which parts of your body can be injured in a chest claim?

There are various parts of your body which can be injured in a chest claim.

Your chest is the area of the body between the neck and the diaphragm – this part of the body is also referred to as the torso.

Your chest is made up of various different body parts, including:

Chest muscles

Your chest muscles are made up of a number of different muscles 0 the majority of which are known as pectoral muscles. Pectoral muscles attach the chest to your arms and shoulders.

Sternum or breastbone

The sternum – that is also known as the breastbone – is the flat bone in the upper chest. Attached to the breast bone are the clavicles (shoulder bones), the upper ribs and the chest muscles.

Rib cage

Your rib cage is made up of pairs of bones known as ribs (24 ribs in total), which surround the chest cavity. The first seven pairs of ribs attach to the sternum.

Internal organs of the chest

Inside of your rib cage are two essential organs – your heart and your lungs.

An injury to one or all of these parts of the body can form part of your chest claim.

How do solicitors calculate the amount of compensation your chest claim is worth?

There are two primary types of compensation for a chest claim as for any type of personal injury, which are: the pain and suffering you experience from your chest injury and financial losses you incur as a result of having the chest injury.

To establish the amount of compensation you can claim – your solicitor will instruct an independent medical expert to complete a report. The medical expert will look at your GP and hospital notes and examine your chest injuries. The expert will thereafter complete a medical report describing the exact nature of your injuries and a description known as a prognosis – which is an estimate into the future as to how long any on going symptoms of pain might last together with the likelihood of any deformity or permanent problems.

The medical expert will also consider whether any time of work you might be having is justified and proper medical expenses you might need to incur.

From this report your solicitor can examine previous cases decided by the courts in the past for with similar injuries to determine likely compensation amounts you can recover.

The financial losses you can claim will depend on your personal circumstances and actual costs and losses you have incurred together with supporting receipts.

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Chest Injury Claim Scan

How much is your chest claim worth?

Set out below are examples of chest claim compensation amounts in 2023 for injuries to different parts of the chest.

Fractured ribs settlements

Fractured or broken ribs with a lot of pain healing within a few months will lead to average claim payouts of up to £4,000.

Collapsed lungs claim payouts

Accidents which give rise to collapsed lungs (caused when the space between the wall of the chest cavity and the lung membrane fills with air from a hole in the lung or due to an injury to the chest wall) with a quick recovery to normal function – compensation amounts calculated between £2,000 – £5,500.

Permanent minor lung damage compensation calculations

Minor, but permanent damage, to the functioning of the lungs either from a chest wound or impact or from toxic fume inhalation can lead to average compensation payouts between £5,000 – £18,000.

Chest and lung injury with moderate on going permanent problems:

Take the example of an impact with a car causing damage to the sternum / breast bone and also puncturing the lungs causing a permanent problem with lung function such as continued pain and shortness of breath. The amount of compensation for your chest claim could be calculated between £31,000 and £55,000.

Serious injury to the lungs and heart

The most serious injuries to the heart and lungs, which might involve the removal of one lung or serious heart damage, will give rise to the largest amounts of chest claim compensation between £66,000 – £150,000.

If you have suffered an chest injury and are considering making a claim or have any questions – see our free online and telephone personal injury solicitor help.

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