Spinning Class Gym Accident

Spinning Class Gym Accident: Compensation for injury due to faulty gym equipment

Spinning Class Gym Accident Compensation: Find out how to claim compensation for injury in a spinning class gym accident from a gym’s insurer for injury due to a defective spinning bike whilst taking part in an instructor led gym class

Spinning Class Gym Accident

I was taking a spinning bike class in a well-known gym chain in London where I have been a member for a couple of years. Suddenly the bike handlebar stem snapped and without support I fell forward – slicing my leg open on the broken rusty metal stem.

The class instructor stopped the class and called a manager who said that the bike was an old one which had been brought in as the class was getting lots of people.

Spinning Class Gym Injury Claim

Spinning Injury Claim

An entry was made into the accident book and I made sure it referred to the broken handlebar stem. I friend took a couple of photos as she had her mobile with her in the class. I was taken to hospital by ambulance, as the cut was pretty deep and I was bleeding a lot.

At hospital I was given a tetanus injection and 20 stitches on my right thigh. At present I am left with a long ugly raised scar, which I am very conscious about and is stopping me from wearing some of my shorter skirts.

Will the gym have insurance, how would I go about claiming compensation and is there anything I should do to assist my claim?

Gym Accident Solicitor Response

The gym will have appropriate public liability insurance which would cover claims such as yours.

You took all the correct steps in notifying the gym, having it recorded in the accident book, having a photo taken and attending at hospital.

The gym owes a duty of care to members and should be held liable for providing a defective spinning bike. A doctrine known as res ipsa loquitur (the facts speak for themselves) could be used to prove the bike was faulty.

The gym’s admission that the spinning bike was old helps explain how faulty equipment could come to be in the class and might be relevant should the gym attempt to defer liability to the spinning bike manufacturer.

How to make a claim for compensation

The best approach to make a gym accident claim is to instruct a specialist solicitor using a funding arrangement, such as a no win no fee or household contents legal protection cover.

Your solicitor will prove the gym’s legal liability (show as a matter of law the gym was at fault), prove the extent of your injuries using independent medical evidence and gather all the details of financial loss and expense you may have incurred.

The medical evidence will be used to compare to case law and judicial guidance to allow your solicitor to calculate scarring compensation payout amounts for pain and suffering and psychological injury.

The financial loss and expense form your special damages and would be added to the overall compensation figure claimed from the gym and their insurers.

Records you can make that can support your claim for compensation

See our article records & checks when claiming compensation that will guide you on things you can do to help support your claim for compensation.

Speaking To A Specialist Solicitor About Making A Spinning Class Gym Accident Claim

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