Boutonniere Finger Deformity Compensation Claim

Boutonniere Finger Deformity Compensation Claim: Defective Joint Replacement Operation

How to claim compensation for hospital negligence for a boutonniere deformity following a defective finger joint replacement operation

A boutonniere finger deformity describes how a finger can be bent one way and then another. This condition can result if an operation to replace a finger joint is performed incorrectly or the finger is not correctly splinted following an operation.

You can expect a reasonable level of expertise of a consultant surgeon whether paid for privately or via the NHS. If an operation goes wrong or the after care is not proper and as a result you are left with a finger deformity such as a boutonniere deformity which could have been avoided it is likely you will be able to claim compensation.

The first step you should take is to write a letter of complaint to the NHS trust, so you can receive a formal letter of response. You should also contact a specialist medical negligence solicitor