broken fractured arm compensation claim

Broken Ulna And Radius In Work Accident: How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

Find out how much compensation you can claim for a broken / fractured ulna and radius bones in a UK work accident.

Broken arm work accident victim question

broken fractured arm claim

Broken / Fractured Arm Claim

I had a fall at work and broke the ulna and radius in my arm a couple of weeks ago due to defective flooring. My employer have accepted responsibility and I wish to know how much compensation i can claim for my fractured arm injuries.

Specialist work accident solicitor response

To determine how much compensation you can claim for a broken ulna and a broken radius I need to know the exact nature of the fractured bones.

A medical report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon is necessary setting out the severity of the broken bones with an estimate of how long your likely symptoms could last into the future.

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