building site work accident claim

Building Site Accident At Work Claim: Slip On Plywood Knee Ankle Wrist Injury

UK work accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you have had an accident in a building site including a slip on a wet plywood walkway causing knee, ankle and wrist injuries.

Building site accident at work victim question

I work on a building site in Birmingham and in May 2011 a new walkway area had been put down made from plywood. I had all the requisite personal protection equipment necessary for a building site including the appropriate boots / footwear.

building site work accident claim

Building Site Work Accident Claim

My site manager requested that I collect some items from an area of the site with the only access being the plywood walkway. I was walking along the plywood, which was wet from heavy rain earlier in the day, and after a few metres my feet went from under me and I landed heavily on my left leg and left arm. The plywood seemed very slippery.

I was immediately assisted by colleagues and the accident was put in to my work accident book.

Immediately following the accident an anti-slip material was put down on to the plywood, which I understand should have been always present when plywood is used as a walkway in building sites.

A colleague took me to hospital and I was diagnosed with torn ligaments in my knee and ankle and a swollen wrist.

I have been off work since the accident and I have had an arthroscopy and understand that an operation is necessary for my knee and ankle injuries. I have been told that even with this operation there is a risk that I may not be able to work as a builder in the future.

I am deeply concerned about my ability to provide for my wife and two children who are dependent on me and I would like to know whether I can make a claim and if so how much compensation I can claim?

Building site work accident solicitor response

I believe your employer is legally at fault for requiring you to walk on wet plywood walkway without proper anti-slip material being laid, especially given that the plywood surface is exposed to the outdoors and can be extremely slippery even when correct footwear is used.

Your employer will be responsible for the negligence of the site manager and a claim could be made directly against your employer.

Injuries to knee and ankle ligaments can be quite serious and attract compensation levels as large as bony injuries including fractures. Albeit you have given a reasonably detailed description of the nature of your injuries the only way to accurately determine how much compensation you can claim is to have an independent medical expert complete a report on your behalf setting out the exact nature of your injuries with a prognosis of how long it is likely to take you to recover. A specialist work accident solicitor should instruct the medical expert on your behalf.

You have indicated that the treating doctors have suggested that you may have long term problems, which might affect your ability to continue in your employ as a builder. Should the independent medical expert verify this – in addition to pain and suffering for the knee and ankle ligament injuries and swollen wrist, you would likely have a large lost income claim and possible claim for the cost of retraining if the building trade is no longer available to you.

The amount of compensation you can claim is certainly worth several thousands of pounds and if future lost income becomes an issue – could be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

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If you would like to go ahead with your claim for your knee, ankle and wrist injuries or to speak to me in person about your accident click building site work accident claim.