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Car Accident Normandy France: Claim UK Claims For Whiplash / Vehicle Damage

Discover how to claim compensation for vehicle damage and personal injury from the UK if you were involved in a road traffic accident in Normandy France.

Road Accident In Normandy France Victim Question

My wife and I had driven through Cornwall and then took a ferry from Plymouth to Brittany in France. We drove to Rennes and then onto Caen in Normandy when my car was hit by another car. The other driver was a French National and was emerging from a side road, blinded by the sun and crashed into my car.

My vehicle was a write off and both my wife and I were knocked unconscious. The police attended at the scene and I was taken to hospital.

The other driver completed an accident report at the scene (constat amiable d’accident) accepting fault and the police took further details.

I suffered whiplash neck injuries, lower back pain and concussion symptoms. My wife also had concussion symptoms, a broken hand and neck pain.

We live in Penzance in Cornwall. Can we claim compensation from the UK for our injuries and the vehicle damage?

European RTA Solicitor Response

As France is a member of the European Union – reciprocal agreements exist between motor insurers within EU countries most notably France and the UK, which allow claims to be commenced either in the country where the road accident occurred or the country of your residence.

As you live in Penzance you would be entitled to commence a claim in the UK for your vehicle damage and the injuries for both you and your wife – including, whiplash, back pain, broken hand and concussion.

The correct steps were taken in France following the road traffic accident – importantly the police were involved and an accident form was completed at the scene. All French drivers are required by their motor insurers to carry such forms in their vehicles, which should be completed at the accident scene to agree how the road accident occurred. This form is called in France “constat amiable d’accident”.

Starting your Normandy France car accident claim in the UK

If you would like to make a claim for your RTA in France or speak to me in person about your accident click car accident claim Normandy France.