Car Accident Motor Insurance: RTA Insurer Liability For Car I Have Sold?

Find Out When Your Car Accident Motor Insurance Will Pay For An Accident Involving A Car You Have Sold

Car accident motor insurance question

My son owned a car then sold the car, but forgot to cancel his motor insurance immediately. The new owner of car then smashed into another car due to a driving error on his part.

As the car was still insured under my son’s motor insurance – the third party are now claiming thousands of pounds in compensation for damage. As car still insured my son’s insurance company must pay out and say my son is liable for all the legal costs.

The new owner of the car had no insurance on the vehicle and was prosecuted receiveing a small fine and points on his driving licence.

It seems so unfair that my son has to pay for damage to a car that was not his and knows nothing of the accident as he was not there. Is there anything that he can do to stop this enforcement of payment?

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Response

A compensation claim should be made against the person in charge of the vehicle with his motor insurance acting to indemnify that insured person..

If that person does not have the means to pay and has no valid motor insurance – it is quite common that any available motor insurance policy will be used to ensure that an innocent third party receives compensation.

It might be wise for you to discuss with your son’s insurer why the person who bought the car is not being pursued direct and whether your son’s motor insurance company intends to recoup any monies spent directly from new car owner.

If the driver has the means to pay the compensation and legal costs – your son’s motor insurer will receive its monies back and will in return should reinstate your son’s no claims and excess.