Car Accident Salford: Can I Claim Whiplash Compensation Using A RTA Solicitor?

How to claim whiplash compensation following a serious car accident in Salford using a specialist RTA solicitor without incurring any legal costs

Salford car accident victim question

I was driving in my car in Salford towards Manchester city centre when I was hit from behind by a large truck which pushed my vehicle off the road and into a ditch.

I suffered whiplash injuries to my neck, lumbar spine back injuries and a broken tibia and fibula and my friend who was a front seat passenger has head injuries.

My car has been written off.

How do I go about claiming compensation? If I use a solicitor will it cost me a lot of money?

Manchester road traffic accident solicitor response

The injuries you describe seem quite serious so you will need the help of a specialist road traffic accident solicitor to make your claim.

This solicitor will ensure you receive compensation for your injuries and for expenses including the damage to your car, lost income, etc.

Many RTA solicitors will offer you a “no win no fee agreement” which will allow you to make a claim without truly incurring expense. This agreement allows the other side (the lorry driver and his motor insurance company) to be charged for the majority of your legal costs (if your claim is successful) in addition to your compensation.

As the car accident was not your fault – both you and your friend can use the same road traffic accident solicitor to make your respective compensation claims.