Claim Car Accident Compensation: Broken Fibula, Tibia, Talus, Dislocated Knee

UK solicitor explain how high speed car accidents can lead to serious injuries such as a fractured Fibula, Tibia, Talus in your ankle and knee injuries including dislocation and how to claim compensation using a specialist RTA solicitor

If you are involved in high speed car accident as a driver or a passenger and the accident was caused by an error of another driver you should be entitled to claim compensation.

Most car accident claims involve minor injuries such as whiplash, however high speed car accidents can also include significant injuries including broken bones, dislocations requiring an operation and even permanent disabilities.

In a high speed car collision – large forces can act on parts of the body at points of the impact such as the legs.

I am quite often approached by clients who suffer multiply injuries and broken bones including those in the lower leg and ankle such as the Fibula, tibia and talus or injuries in the knee which include dislocations and injuries to tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

If you have suffered a serious injury you will need a specialised road traffic accident solicitor to ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation. Serious broken bones will often requite operations, the use of plates and screws and on going future pain and suffering which could affect your ability to work and the hobbies you enjoy.

Medical evidence from an independent expert

Expert medical evidence is required from not only an orthopaedic surgeon, but an orthopaedic surgeon with a specialist in lower limbs. This specialism may need to be narrowed to a specialised in ankle and knee injuries.

You will need a road traffic accident solicitor to instruct the medical expert to ensure a full report is received to support your claim for compensation.

The medical expert will look at the injuries you have suffered, the risks of future problems including arthritis and future weaknesses, which can especially be the case with dislocations and ligament damage.

The medical expert will also comment on your prospects to continue in your same job that you had at the time of the accident and should you lose your current job the disadvantage you might have in obtaining future employment.

Compensation payouts – fractured fibula, tibia and talus

To see examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for a broken fibula, tibia and talus and knee injuries including dislocations click RTA compensation amounts.