Council Ladder Hits Car: Compensation Claim Whiplash Neck Injuries

UK car accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you have been involved in an unusual road accident including a collision with council ladder which caused injury such as whiplash

Road traffic accident victim question

I was driving down a local street within the speed limit when I noticed a council van at the side of the road. A ladder was positioned next to a lamp post and I believe an employee of the council was putting away equipment.

Just before I came level with the council vehicle the ladder toppled over hitting the front of my car causing me to slam on my brakes and swerve.

The council worker ran over and apologised for the accident.

I took his details and also telephoned the police who took the details of the accident down.

I did not at first appreciate that I was injured, but later that evening my neck started to stiffen up so I went to A & E and was diagnosed with whiplash neck injuries.

Can I claim compensation for my injuries?

Car accident solicitor response

The council worker who was responsible for the ladder appears to be acting in the course of his employment and as such his employer, the council, would be responsible for any acts of negligence by him.

I therefore believe that you will have a claim against the council for your whiplash injury.

You took all the correct steps in notifying the police and when your whiplash symptoms presented themselves – in attending the hospital. The police will have completed a report or at the very least will have details of the accident events which can be used to prove what happened should the events be disputed.

The hospital will have notes of you attending with your neck complaints and this information can be accessed by your solicitor – who can in turn instruct a medical expert to complete a report describing all of your whiplash symptoms relying on the hospital notes as a reference source.

You will however need a specialist road traffic accident solicitor/ employer’s liability lawyer to help you make your claim for whiplash.

Specialist solicitor online help

Should you wish to proceed with a whiplash claim or to discuss your accident in more detail with me in person click car accident claims solicitor.