Driver At Fault Refuses To Accept Liability In A Car Accident Claim UK

Find out how you can ensure you receive your compensation when the third party who caused your car accident has not admitted liability or is refusing to admit liability for your claim.

UK car accident victim question

I was driving out car on the M62 motorway travelling from Manchester to Liverpool. My husband was a front seat passenger.

I was driving within the speed limit close to a turn off onto the M6 heading to Birmingham when suddenly our car was hit from behind with great force. This caused me to lose control and veer off the motorway into the hard shoulder.

The driver who collided with out vehicle made off, but thankfully a couple of other driver’s pulled over and confirmed that they had witnessed the collision and both had thankfully taken the registration number down.

An ambulance and the police were called and it turns out that the car that had rear ended my vehicle had changed lanes at speed heading for the M6 turnoff and had collided with the rear of my car.

Our vehicle was a total loss and both my husband and I were diagnosed with whiplash – neck and shoulder injuries at hospital.

I understand that the vehicle that caused the accident has been located by the police, but the owner is denying all responsibility for the RTA and we are told by our insurance company and the solicitor our insurance company passed us to under our legal protection policy that the third party is refusing to respond to any enquiries from his insurance company and so no admission of liability for the whiplash and car damage claims my husband and I are making.

We are just over £1000 out of pocket in uninsured losses and our current financial situation is not sustainable without financial recompense in the near future.

What can we do to get the driver at fault to accept liability and how can we win compensation if he does not?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

So long as you have a specialist RTA solicitor acting whether the policy holder responds to his insurer or not is largely irrelevant so far as your claim is concerned.

If your solicitor is experienced he will progress matters by the issue of proceedings at court – which in turn can be served and judgment in default entered in no response is received from the third party.

The third party’s motor insurer will then be required to indemnify their policy holder and so pay your compensation.

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