Critical Injury Accident Claim UK: Serious Illness Compensation

Do you need a specialist solicitor to deal with a UK critical injury accident claim

A critical injury or serious illness by definition is life threatening and could disrupt your whole life – both business and social. It could of course lead to premature death.

critical injury accident claim

Critical Injury Accident Claim

In the UK – gone are the days of the solicitor who can practise all areas of law efficiently. The law is so vast and the court rules and protocols relating to each area of law so diverse and rapidly changing that the best lawyer to use for any claim is most definitely a specialist.

Not only a specialist accident lawyer, but an accident lawyer with the correct area of speciality. For example – if your critical injury stems from a road traffic accident you are best using a specialist RTA lawyer or if your serious illness stemmed from an industrial disease, such as asbestosis, an industrial injury lawyer specialising in breathing disorders would be the best lawyer to contact.

Not only should you choose a specialist lawyer, but as your injury is serious the amounts of compensation you are likely to recover are far higher, but only if your specialist lawyer has the experience and expertise to deal with such claims. Some solicitors have had careers dealing with small claims whilst others have experienced serious accident claims and as such will be familiar with obtaining the maximum amount of compensation with the least amount of stress to yourself.

I suggest before you contact a solicitor you check out his or her credentials from the law firm’s website and from the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority – such bodies having records of accredited specialist lawyers.