Edinburgh Car Passenger Prolapsed Disc: Claim Compensation For Skid On Snow and Ice?

Can you claim if you are a passenger in a car when the driver loses control due to snow and ice on a country road in Edinburgh causing a prolapsed cervical spine discs?

Edinburgh car accident victim question

My friend was driving on a country road in Edinburgh in the snow, He lost control on the country road, the car spun a few times and the back end hit an embankment then we spun again to other side of road and car went through hedge.

I was knocked unconscious and the next think I recall was being carried on a stretcher to an ambulance and taken to Accident and Emergency hospital in Edinburgh.

My injuries include damage to the cervical spine with a disc prolapse to c5 / c6.

Can you tell me if I have a claim and if so how much compensation I am likely to receive?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

From the information you have supplied I believe you have a strong claim for compensation from your friend and in turn his motor insurer.

A driver of a vehicle should assess the road conditions and travel at a safe speed so as to stay in control of his car.

It is clear – that driver error has caused the accident and as such you will be entitled to compensation.

So far as the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim – it is difficult to assess at this stage. The Edinburgh road accident solicitor you instruct will arrange for an independent medical consultant to compile a report setting out your injuries with a prognosis as to how long your symptoms can last and any adverse effects on your ability to earn income.

Only on receipt of this medical report can your compensation levels be accurately assessed.

Speak to a specialist solicitor about your Edinburgh road accident claim

If you are resident in England you can make your claim from England otherwise you would need the help of a Scottish solicitor to claim.

To discuss your claim with a specialist solicitor in person or receive online help click Scottish passenger road accident claim.

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