Grinding Machine Deafness Claims: UK Work Noise Exposure Compensation

Can grinding machine operators suffer from industrial deafness from noise exposure at work?

grinding machine deafness claims

Grinding Machine Deafness Claims

A grinding machine is just one type of machine involved in the processing of metal which is known to create excessive noise in the workplace. Other machines used in processing of metals include turning machines and polishing machines, which is are also known to produce excessive noise.

Should your employer not have provided adequate hearing protection, regular hearing tests and appropriate warnings about the dangers of exposure to noise – it is quite likely that you would have a claim for industrial deafness even if your symptoms first presented themselves many years after your noise exposure and even if your former employer is no longer in business.

To find out how much you can claim for industrial deafness caused from the operation of grinding machines, turning machines, polishing machines and other machine shop factory equipment – click deafness compensation amounts.