Head On Collision Car Accident Claim: Neck Disc Fractures Broken Arm

UK road accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you have been involved in head on collision car accident causing serious injuries including multiple disc fractures to the neck, broken arm, whiplash, fractured wrist, concussion, post traumatic amnesia – includes claiming when the driver was not insured

Head on collision car accident victim question

I was driving my car at approximately 30 mph on a single lane country road in Buckinghamshire approaching a bend when a car came around the bend at great speed appeared to lose control swerved to our side of the road and hit our car head on.

I was knocked unconscious and the next I recall was being in an ambulance with my wife next to me. At hospital I was diagnosed with severe neck injuries including fractures to two discs in my neck, a broken arm and concussion symptoms. My wife had a bad bang to her head from hitting the dash board, a fractured wrist, whiplash to the neck and shoulders and post traumatic amnesia.

The police contacted us and told us that the other driver was badly injured, but witnesses indicated that he was speeding and had lost control. The driver is being prosecuted for the head on collision – dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

Can my wife and I claim compensation given that the driver was not insured?

Car accident solicitor response

The head on collision was caused by the other driver – you have both witness evidence and police evidence to prove negligence.

A head on collision involves a great amount of force being transferred to the driver and passenger and even with a seat belt being worn, such accidents can cause significant injury, such as fractures to the cervical discs, broken bones (here leg and wrist), whiplash and concussion.

Following an severe RTA involving concussion and extreme fear of life, such as in a head on collision, post traumatic stress and amnesia are possible symptoms. Post traumatic amnesia is the brains way of blocking out the accident events and this can last a short time or even life.

The amount of compensation that can be claimed for such injuries can be large.

The fact that the other driver was not insured will not affect your ability to claim compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage and other losses. The Motor Insurers Bureau has an uninsured driver’s agreement – it will act as though it was the insurer of the driver and meet any compensation claim for personal injury (here disc injury, whiplash, concussion, post traumatic amnesia, broken arm, fractured wrist), but you will need a specialist road traffic accident solicitor to help you make your claim and to ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation.