Greece car accident claim

Greek Car Accident: UK Compensation Claim Whiplash Broken Finger Ankle Fracture PTSD

UK European road accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation in the UK for personal injury and financial loss following a car accident in mainland Greece or the Greek islands.

Greek car accident victim question

My wife and I were on holiday in Greece and we flew from the UK to Athens.

We both love everything Greek and we are learning the language so we hired a car with a view to travelling to some of the towns and cities in Greece. We hired a car to travel around the Greek cities and some of the islands including: Livada, Larisa, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Kos, Rhodes and Crete.

After a month of travelling we had caught a ferry back from Corfu and were driving back to Athens to get our flight back to the UK. I stopped at a cross roads when all of a sudden our car was jolted forward with extreme force.

We had been hit by a Greek lorry driver. The Greek police attended as did an ambulance. The Greek lorry driver accepted fault at the scene and my wife and I were taken to hospital.

I suffered whiplash to the neck and shoulder and a damaged vertebra in my lower spine. I also gripped the steering wheel so hard during the impact that I broke the index finger on my right hand, had a bruised sternum from the seatbelt.

My wife was asleep in the passenger seat when we were hit. She has severe neck pain. She banged her leg very badly and suffered a fractured ankle and badly bruised knee.

We remained in hospital for two days and had to book another flight home.

Can we claim compensation from the UK for our car accident in Greece?

European RTA solicitor response

As Greece is a member of the EU and you are resident in the UK your motor claim can be commenced in the UK for the injuries to both you and your wife together with costs you have incurred as a direct result of your Greek car accident.

This is true wherever in Greece your car accident occurred: including Athens, Livada, Larisa, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Kos, Rhodes and Crete.

You took all the correct steps by involving the Greek police and going to hospital in Greece.

Both you and your wife would be reviewed to have your whiplash, sternum injury, broken finger, fractured ankle and knee injury assessed to describe the exact nature of these injuries and likely long term effect into the future.

There might also be a psychological element to your injuries, such as post traumatic stress disorder, which would need to be assessed as part of your claim.

Commence a claim from the UK for a car accident in Greece

If you would like to commence a claim in the UK with a specialist European RTA lawyer or you would like to speak to me free of charge about your road accident in Greece click Greek Car Road Traffic Accident Claim.