Glasgow Car Accident Claim: Hit From Behind Causing Whiplash Neck Injury

How to claim compensation for whiplash neck injuries following a car accident rear end shunt at a set of lights in Glasgow.

Glasgow car accident victim question

I was driving through Glasgow city centre on my way to Edinbugh. I stopped at a set of lights which were on red and as I was waiting with my handbrake on – suddenly my car was violently thrown forward.

My wife was a front seat passenger.

After the initial sshock I got out of my car to find the back crushed and another driver getting out of his car behind us.

He apologised and explained that he had been distracted on his phone and had not stopped.

There were some pedestrian witnesses who must have called the police as they attended shortly afterwards.

My neck was very sore and my wife was complaining of lower back pains so an ambulance was called and we were taken to hospital in Glasgow – I was diagnosed with severe whiplash and my wife with whiplash and lumba spine injuries.

Can we claim compensation from the driver that collided with our car?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

Both you and your wife most certainly can make a claim for compensation for whiplash and back injuries. You need to instruct a specialist RTA solicitor in Scotland – there are many good such car accident lawyers in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This solicitor will write a letter of claim to the driver at fault and notify his motor insurance company of your claim. An independent medial report will be obtained setting out the exact nature of your injuries and ina prognosis the likely time period for you and your wife to recover. Based upon this report your solicitor will be able to value how much the pain and suffering for your physical injuries are worth.

In addition – compensation can be claimed for all of your fincial losses – including car damage, lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses, etc.

How to prove a Glasgow car accident claim

To find out how liability is proved following a road traffic accident in Glasgow, Scotland click car accident claim